Mujhe Aapka Keemti Vote Chahiye

Please vote for me …..  Mainu thwada vote chahida hai ……  Amake vote dao


Sorry I dont know more languages otherwise I would definitely have begged and pleaded in those too.  I have been nominated for the Avant Garde Bloggies Award for the best social issues post.  The judges have liked my post Irony of being a Mother In Law.  I started blogging in March, and was not aware that any such award system existed.  Imagine my surprise at being nominated!  I must add that two more posts of mine were also shortlisted but did not make it to the final cut.  Never mind …..


Now we come to the crux of this blog entry.  Do vote for me.  I have enjoyed blogging and to tell the truth, your comments are valued and they are reward in themselves.  Sigh!  Kya karen, yeh dil maange more!


If you think my post is good, do hop across and vote for me.  Hey, even if you think my post was not good – do vote for me.  I don’t mind and I won’t tell.


Thanks and love you all


9 thoughts on “Mujhe Aapka Keemti Vote Chahiye

  1. congrats!!!! done shall i do it multiple times 🙂 on the serious note I still remember that post it was lovely, so sensitive and sensible and that was also the first post I read on your blog and then there has been no going back….

    Thanks Monika

  2. Hey Ritu, I’ve recently started reading your blog thru Tiku’s and I love the way you write, especially your sense of humor. Btw, good luck with the award thingy, I just voted for you 🙂

    Thank you Snow. I’ll hop across to your blog too

  3. You deserve it girl …nothing less would do for you ..All my good wishes for your future …You have been an inspiration throughout ..thanks buddy and congratulations

    Thank you Tikuli

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes,
    I will vote for you. I will take up a placard and shout out in the streets till they shut me up in the mental asylum. Here I start
    Vote for Ritu.
    Vote for Ritu.
    Vote for Ritu.
    Vote for Ritu.
    Vote for Ritu.
    Hehehe, Par yaar vote karna kithey hai?
    OkOK, kar ditta hai, (SHHHH-dubara dubara kar sakdey aan na?)

    Arrey wah! I dunno, can we? I think I should hop across and try to vote LOL

  5. Congratulations !

    I’m waiting for the caferati contest results too…if you win ( you will win ); you got to stand me a treat 🙂
    I hope to remember that !
    all the best..

    Thank you CP, vote do, treat lo 😉

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