Which animal would I wish to be reborn as …. a tag

Tikuli tagged me to try this some time ago and I kept thinking what would I like to be reborn as ……

Sigh – so many magnificient creatures, so little chance.  I would love to be born as the pampered pooch of a very rich and loving home – my needs, my wants all taken care of – shiny coat, regular trips to the vet, lots of good food and treats, a huge ground to run around – an absolute doggie heaven.

I would like to be glamourous too.  Have a lot of oomph, so I would love to be a unicorn.  Or may be the Babi babe coming out of the sea … but I digress.

Grand isnt it, and beautiful too.  Dogs are loving, loyal and very simple.  It would bore me.  I like the power and the attitude a wild animal has – even the mythical ones.

But most of all I would like to be the mythical bird that means so much to me – the phoenix

Now this is fantastic, grand can not even begin to describe it.  

The phoenix is a bird that resurrects itself.  It burns itself when finished, and then rises from the ashes, stronger for the experience.  I can understand the “never say die” attitude.  I see parallels between me and the phoenix.  Ostracised by everyone, even my own mother for having the gumption to end an unsuccesful marriage, daring to want to live my life with respect, for daring to be free of a conventional surname – either paternal or one given by a husband.  Having to fight alone for the right to live with respect on my own terms.  The phoenix is a survivor, and so am I.

I think I lived it long before Obama made it a famous catchline

This is for all the women in situations similar to what mine was


12 thoughts on “Which animal would I wish to be reborn as …. a tag

  1. LOL Ritu ..only you could have done justice to this Tag …loved your post ..long live the spirit of the phoenix …cheers 🙂
    pampered pooch hehehhee sure ..may you get an owner like Paris Hilton ..[:D]

    Knowing me, I’d bite her in places she would wish I never reached heh! Hate the bimbette!

    May the power be with you It is posible AND YOU CAN DO IT ..AMEN

    Any one can, my dear, any one can

  2. Yes, Thats the best thing about you.
    When I look at you, I always wonder how you manage to be so strong and cheerful, and my spirits are lifted automatically.
    You are the Phoenix.

    Ah Manpreet, thank you so much

  3. I’d like to be a Golden Retriever. Eat n laze around… thats me 🙂

    Me too, but would it not be sooo boring after a while?

    You truly are the Phoenix! Hell woman, you’re one strong lady. I’d have gone on a killing spree long back. All hail the Evil Queen!

    ROFL all hail!!!!

  4. Lovely! The phoenix is a mythical creature indeed. And that alone does not make it unique: according to the myth, at a time, there can exist only one phoenix.

    Yes, like the phoenix we can rise from the ashes and the like the phoenix we too are unique!

    Very true D. We have the capacity to be the phoenix, all of us

  5. I love the phoenix too the main reason being the myth of resurrecting itself from its ashes! In fact I have a tattoo of the phoenix bird on me to remind me of the strength we have and yes..’Yes we can!’

    BTW, as per ancient myth the phoenix was also supposed to have a sweet voice.. 🙂

    The sweet voice belongs to the thorn bird I think – the thorn bird and its dying song

  6. Monika and Clueless are right. You rock. I have a fascination for mythology and fantasy too.

    Yeah Terry Pratchett, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Jordan – and so many others …..

  7. You are a true Phoenix no doubt. Scorpios are known for their phoenix like rising from the ashes 🙂
    Given a choice I too will prefer being a Phoenix, being an animal is full of dangers …

    True … its dangerous … but so exciting

  8. When I started reading ur post I already knew this wil be ur answer… 🙂
    I knew the phoenix inspires you….
    Thats why for me the post went great after the first half…

    The phoenix is inspiring, and magnificient

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