Weighty Matters

I’d like to jog, but don’t since I jiggle
From places that make male eyes swivel
My flab it is hep, it has a mind of its own
and muscles and joints?They squeak and groan

Ravin is my nightmare, the horror
He’s trimmer and looks so dapper
Neelesh is not slim, but neither is he fat
Let us just say middle age has settled on his ass

I dont know why Diana and Tikuli complain
They’re fit, so their words cause me much pain
I know, I know I am fat, it is so old-fashioned
The whole world loves slimness with such passion

I go to the doctor when I have fever or am not well
He doesnt listen to my ailments, doesnt let me tell
Before I can open my mouth, he doesnt wait
Gives me a diet chart and tells me “Lose weight”


12 thoughts on “Weighty Matters

  1. Do we have the same doctor? Cause he tells me the same!!
    Btw just outta curiosity, do you write all this at work? 😉

    Nice pome. Very well written. (Not a spelling error…just the way I say it)

    I spent most of my growing years with siblings playing at Kafila, you know impromptu rhymes about anything and everything – so I just rhyme spontaneously – anytime is rhyme-time

  2. Doctors are all wicked. They know how to spoil all the beautiful ladies’ mood. My doc is in league with yours Ritu, and yours Advitiya.
    Beautiful job, Ritu.
    (BLogroll da kee keeta??)

    Will get to that asap, thanks for the reminder

  3. Er… good I’m an ophthalmologist, I don’t need to comment on anyone’s body 🙂

    Such a cop-out Ravin. Okay so sing “Yeh jheel se gehri teri aankhen …….

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂

    You are welcome. Sigh! Mera kab hoga Kaliya?

  4. Nice piece of work there!
    You know there was a new study published in the New York Times that said weight and health may not be as related as we think they are. You might be a little overweight and still be healthy. As long as your BP, cholesterol, sugar etc are in check, do not worry. There are few women on earth who are comfortable with their weight. Most are unhappy and would like to lose a few. If you are one of those few lucky ones who are happy then you should not worry. Life is to enjoy. Sadly we women ruin it by worry about the superficial….no?

    The damn doctors are being superficial. I have no BP, no sugar, no cholestrol, okay I am overweight but that is not what normally causes cough colds and fevers Gaaaaaaaaaaaah

  5. lol!!! same pinch… every doctor tells me that the only concession i get is that Ojas is just 11 months old so they think this pregnancy flab… but god know whether it will ever go or not

    They are such fitnessmafioso

  6. “Let us just say middle age has settled on his ass”

    “Ritu”… ROFLMAO…
    come on doesn’t matter… you know the other day I was watching that “Video Zonker”… they were showing the video of some Thai women where being over-weight IS the beauty…
    so travel to bangkok, it will enlighten ya… 😀

    Should immigrate there

  7. I like fat people more then I like thin people, things are always a lot more funnier when they happen to fat people.

    LOL …ritu ..I never complain …padding is good for people who keep falling into ditches lol 😀 saves their aging bones 😉


    Just go sit on the blasted doc ..bonecrusher 😀

    You think I can? I should, hmmm

  8. Hehehe…good to see FPR providing so much inspiration! 😀

    Hey Ashvina, you should read daffy-nitions! FPR inspired and mucho appreciated


  9. A sedentary lifestyle, not fat, causes more health problems.
    And the biggest advantage of being a little overweight is it keeps you active because you are always trying to loose some weight – gym, diet healthier food are all favored by overweight people – a thin person has lesser incentive to bother with all this.

    That is so true

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