Crime Files – II

8 a.m. day 2, Police Station Sector 48 Noida

S.H.O. Sharma was sipping his morning cup of tea when he heard a lot of loud voices

“Abbey bhenchod, kahan ghusse ja raha hai?” came Inspector Pandey’s voice angrily

Sharma picked up his glass of tea and looked out into the main hall

A dusty and blood bespattered youth stood there in the centre of the hall.  He grimaced, put his hand into a polybag he was carrying and fished out a bloody hammer.  A paper-back thriller fell out of it.

There was a sudden silence as all the men withdrew out of arms reach.  The youth dropped the hammer on the floor and sat down next to it, speaking in a dull monotone

“I think I have killed someone and I don’t know what to do.  Please help me.  I think I have gone mad”.

 Sharma walked into the room and asked brusquely

“Kaun hai tu, kisko maara?”

“Mohan Nagpal. Pata nahin ………….

Paagal to nahin ho gaya hai Saale? exclaimed Inspector Pandey

“Shayad”, muttered the boy

Iska report likho” ordered SHO Sharma, and stood there watching as the officers took an inventory of the youth’s meager possessions.  He carried no identification, just a book and a hammer and Rs.150/-.

“Bolna shuru kar”, he added.

Sharma was an experienced police officer.  Noida shared its border with Delhi, Haryana and UP.  He had seen gang wars, petty crimes, terrorism.  An astute judge of people, he knew that this boy was not a criminal.  He kept observing the youth as he recounted his tale.  It was a strange tale.  This Mohan knew no one in Noida, did not know how he got here, and did not know the person/people he thought he killed, was not even sure of the address where this crime had happened.  

He wearily asked Pandey “Any report of a murder”

“No Sahib”

“Take down this man’s name, address, phone no., and question him.  Keep him in the police station and send some boys to investigate.”

At 11 a.m. the domestic help who worked for the Aroras pushed open the slightly ajar door of 735 Sector 48 and found Mrs. Vandana Arora, age 58, dead in a pool of blood in the living room and a bloody unconscious Vikram Arora age 64, near the front door, his condition serious, not expected to survive.  They had been bludgeoned with some blunt object.  Mohan Nagpal was placed under arrest.  


8 thoughts on “Crime Files – II

  1. I don’t see these murders as simple as they seem… I guess there must be some big story behind them… may be years old revenge or some serial killer… Nagpal can’t be the murderer…
    lets see how my judgment is right… 🙂

    Let us see 😉

  2. Ooohhh…Is this like the dude in the US who raped a woman while he was sleepwalking and then got acquitted because of that??

    Damn… This has so many possibilities! Write soon.. please please please
    I’m tempting you with more cookies 😉

    Careful my dear, I gotta lose wt

  3. Nah IHM, he is not pretending madness.
    But then with Ritu, you are never sure….
    Fir fir fir….I am dying with curiosity.

    Fir fir fir – hold your horses girl, I am developing it

    And now I hate your blogroll. I have put up two posts and it shows me stuck on saturday tag. hadd ho gayee.

    I mailed MayG about the blogroll – 😦

  4. As I said earlier a case of dissociative fugre or do you want to twist it to something evil ..knowing you it is possible .but if he is sleep walking or is suffering from psychological disorder you better read some case studies Ritu ..first part was very gripping this did not keep me glued ,infact after a few sentences one doesnt want to go further …my personal opinion.. didnt like the “Help me i have killed someone” thing ..he should be still confused.
    something is amiss ..

    Of course it is …………

  5. I think there is something a miss between his starting from the house and reaching the police station… if he suffers from sleep walking he sure does know it… may be there should be internal dilemma discussion… or may be there is something which is yet to come 🙂 if prefer the later… waiting for part -3

    LOL Monika

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