Oh the horror

It is a sad day, uneasy and bleak

The state of our country makes me weep

Youth that should be full of life and cheer

Laughing and partying, making a career

Are picking up AK 47s instead of a cricket bat

Killing and dying in a complete blood bath


Did they even think, did they even cry

Did they draw lots, did they toss coins

Did they wish mothers, wives, kids goodbye

I wonder what went on in their mind

They look like my sons, I feel horror

Dressed in Tshirts and jeans, spreading terror


Please pay your tributes to the our security forces that lost their lives for us

Hum ek hain, Jai Hind


9 thoughts on “Oh the horror

  1. I realised what you were thinking when you commented on how young, how next door kid-like these killers looked. I thought the same. It’s very easy to mislead the youth, they have been used (abused) and destroyed by whoever brain washed them.
    Hugs – IHM

  2. Depressing… although its far from me but seems like rejuvenating the memory of “Mariot Hotel” here in Islamabad…
    May all the victims lie in peace and the rest be safe with God’s mercy… Amen

  3. 8 young men …. and look at the horror they perpetrated, this is not religion, no religion condones violence …. this is simply a seriously nasty, shameful and sick deed

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