Does lipstick make me less Indian?

Dear Mr. Minister,

I would like to remind you that you have a job to do.  The job is running of this country.  To run this country you need to be familiar with the citizens of this country.  Let me introduce you to the members of the country that you seem to have failed to notice.  The same members that pay the taxes that pay you your salary, your phone bill, the salaries of your staff that ensures that you do not have to do any hard work …. which also includes using your brain and your eyes.


It is not difficult.  If you switch on your television, you will come face to face with the citizens of the country.  Women wearing powder and lipstick, men wearing ties and suits.  They live here, work here, have ration cards, voter i.d.s and passports that say that they are citizens of India.  There, you did not even have to walk out of your ministerial bangalow that is allotted to you by the Government which is funded by the taxes paid by citizens of India.


Why are you so upset?  Is it because people have started asking questions?  Simple questions like “Are the politicians doing their job?”,  “Why does our tax money not ensure that we are safe?”  


Mr. Minister, please don’t be afraid.  We were not attacking you or holding an AK47 at your head.  We do not have grenades and dont start fires in your homes.  Such special treatment is reserved for us, the suit boot walas and lipstick wali citizens of India, who go out for an evening meal with our families, or check into hotels on business trips.  


We only use words, and as a politician, you know words dont mean a thing.  It is only empty noise.  


So relax and continue your merry way.


Next time, I sincerely wish you are in a hotel that is attacked by the true miscreants, the anti nationals.  I assure you, I will hold a candle and mourn you.


A powder wali and lipstick wali citizen on India


This is in response to this arrogant insensitive politician’s statement


17 thoughts on “Does lipstick make me less Indian?

  1. Rule 49-0 as IHM puts it in the blog is the answer.

    Even if that is not in place – these guys need to be accountable to the citizens of this country. We gave them their jobs

  2. This is called diversion tactics. Make a ridiculous statement about lipsticks and hopefully people will forget the real issues at hand and move on.

    I disagree Clueless. I have met some of these #$@&^%, they actually think and talk like this. They are criminals and uneducated too

    Unfortunately, this has a pretty good track record in our country. For example, take Tamil Nadu politics. Not once is the issue about irrigation, or infrastructure. They rake up how Kushboo talked about pre-marital sex and win elections.

    They are themselves morally bankrupt and arrogant. They are feeling affronted because the commoner has started asking for accountability

  3. I wish the minister would get to read this letter. BTW, does he know to read ? Knowing the educational qualifications of our Indian politicians, that’s a basic question one must ask! For the first time in my life, I’m ashamed to say I’m Indian. A sick government we have. With no hopes for the future.

    The pathetic thing is they dont need to be educated, they just need to have a criminal record

  4. What are you saying??? This minister is absolutely right! What else can we expect from a gunda who thinks that a woman in jeans is a whore? Or from a party which asked the people of Delhi to vote for them, pleading on the blood of the people killed in Mumbai?

    Totally with you on that.

    It’s disgusting that we’ve given the reins of our country to these brain dead zombies.

    Not brain dead, corrupt, criminalized and morally bankrupt

  5. OMG! what a great and cursing lashing at him but he quite deserved it… I wish he just happens to read it somehow… Why don’t you send it to his office in mail… really…

    I sent it to his party office … dont expect any reply. Cowards one and all

  6. Amen to your wish, Ek candle mere naam ki bhi.
    Kick in the nuts to the Naqvi fellow.
    Lipsticks wali’s ZINDABAAD.

    He is a four letter vernacular word for “sister+impolite body part”

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  8. Ridiculous how these people talk about preserving Indian culture!!! Who voted for these A*#$^@%*!! 49-0 also does not help us! We need to get a ruling to say that politicians must take up an entrance exam and clear it before standing for elections. Guess they would rig that also….after all I hear we can buy one’s masters degree for a price!
    A lit candle up his… not enough!

    Apar these uneducated guys don’t even know our own culture – surkhi, sindhoor, alta, mehndi, ittar have been used since ancient times. The $%#@& are sick and ignorant

  9. Absolutely. These people will never learn unless faced with the same situation themselves. I don’t know why they have in their head that any Indian wearing western clothes or dressing up is stupid and does not know what they are saying…


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