Some hard questions

1. Why are criminals allowed in politics

2. Why are crorepatis without pan cards given tickets

3. How are people without any known assets or income going to fund their campaign

4. What are the educational qualifications of these candidates


Who are these people and to whom should these questions be raised?


I am also wondering about the 4 MLA’s that were in the Taj.  Could they afford the tariff of the hotel?  How?  If not, who was funding their stay?


6 thoughts on “JAGO INDIA JAGO

  1. Ritu as I said in my post about the same issue… we need to identify those who are the culprits… they have their own personal stakes and they play with people lives… Reject their concepts, their ideology and designs….

    Exactly what I said on your blog

  2. politics in india sucks ritu… i wish atleast one of those was the criterion for filling for a ticket but alas its not, not even the no criminal record… to apply for a peon post in a govt office u should be atleast 10th pass but no such rule for being a MP or a MLA… and these are the people who will run our country… I dont know what to feel…

    I blame us – we are educated – we have been taught that with freedom comes responsibility … what have we done?

    there was this group of IITians who had started a politican party in chennai once dont know what happened to them but we need more of that happening… only then India can be saved

    I am so glad we have woken up

  3. I think if we cover just education, the others follow. It has always been the same na… corrupt politicians ruling. But the public is more aware and knows that change can be brought about. It’ll take time but change is inevitable.

    Fingers crossed.

    Yeah, fingers crossed

  4. 1> if father is a politician why need there son/daughters get seat in electroll process ins not there birth right
    2) why need any perty popular faces if there not work less then 365days for their party
    3)if any school going or college students need minimum attendence why not or elected member of parliment
    4.) why if any party appointed criminal faces inthe system it means they allso involved in there activity why they need this kind of sheet
    5>if any politician not above from judiccary or system why not strong that
    6)commitment from any political party befor the election if not completed in there tenure they must disqualify for next election
    7)any political party cant commit for resveration
    in the govt job
    8>if any political leaders son must or daughter must give there 2yrs for indian army if there realy need to give there services to the country

    These points are raised very often, but there is no political will to ratify them

  5. i think we all kno wat is ryt n wat is wrong…but no1 wants 2 take the initiation….i dont say i tried many timz n i do that but if i see a cop takin money 2 help any1…or any traffic police man takin money..i stand dere 4 ma ryts…n i dont kno how may timz i creatd probz 4 maself…but its enthusizm dat should nt decrz…..na frndz just pass dis mgs. 2 all n i really want no1 giv votes 2 any1 dis tym..no congress no bjp…make our party stand 2 change wats hapinin dese dayz….dont vote…dis is d punishmnt 4 d leadrz coz dey nt leadin us proprly…d cprruptn d torrsm is still on….so change urself…n do more 4 ur country….JAI HIND

    Gunjan, I agree

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