Masks and excuses

When I was a little girl, I got away with a lot – because I was female (and hence not supposed to be able to create mayhem), and there were a whole lot of male siblings around.  I got into a habit of saying “Maine nahin kiya” (I didnt do that) and “Bhai se poocho” (Ask my brother).  It worked in the beginning … but not for long.  Soon parental figures started asking questions – logical and smart questions

1. What were you doing there?

2. What do you know about it?

3. If you knew – why did you not tell us?

4. Chalo, what are you going to do about it?

I sure am glad we have started thinking and being vocal about it vis a vis our current situation.


Sorry, I dont buy the foreign hand theory any more.  I think the proof they have is not enought.  Otherwise considering the kind of pressure our politicians are currently finding themselves, they would have been declaring war .  Our underworld is definitely involved. Its not countries but criminal elements – lets not get confused in geography and religion right now. 

I will add this ….. who in the underworld helped and guided these stupid boys to come create mayhem here?

Leaders, dont wear masks, dont make excuses.  Be transparent – you owe it to us


22 thoughts on “Masks and excuses

  1. I concur. It is not a “foreign” problem. It is because India is such a soft target. Look at this report about Indian intelligence

    Old proverb – strong fences make good neighbours … why did we forget that?

    I don’t disagree that there is a foreign infiltration problem
    but I refuse to blame everything on that- or on the Raj- like politicians have for time immemorial.

    Yes there is a problem, I agree, but we have to first get our own house in order

  2. You know what I also suspect the same. I fear it might be an insider job. There were some who seemed to be gloating immediately after the Blasts.

    And who was hoping to benefit from these attacks? ATS Chief’s death also came as a shock.

    But even they could not have foreseen the unity this has created in Bombay, in fact all over India 🙂

    Totally agreed – we have finally woken up. After all, you fool me once, shame on you, you fool me twice – shame on me

  3. Ritu its a relief to read this…
    I have a firm belief in that their are good and clear minded people live in this world, jin kay dam per yeh duniya qayem hay… but somehow my faith was deteriorating after watching and reading TV, papers and blogs.
    Now after reading your post my faith is resurrecting itself…
    Thanks a lot, really I mean it…

    It is common sense, pehley apne girebaan mein jhankna chahiye

  4. Absolutely right. It is NOT the foreign hand. Its an old old cliche that Mrs Gandhi used to help herself. It doesnt work anymore. We need to clean up our house now. High time some Summer, winter, spring, autumn-all cleanings were done.

    Totally agree – foreign hand agar hai – to saath mein apna koi toh hoga. Pehley yeh to dekhein. Why point fingers and shift blame?

  5. I cannot comment on whether a foreign hand was involved or not, because I don’t know all the facts. Whatever has been released to the media says the terrorists came from across the border. In that regard, there was a “foreign hand”.

    But this could not have been carried out without inside help. We don’t need intelligence agencies to tell us that. And the underworld makes a fine suspect, considering how the police chiefs were taken out in the first 3 hours.

    We need to find out who provided safe houses for these terrorists, and root them out. But the fact is that the terrorists were Pakistani nationals, and there was support and training for them in Pakistan. That, we cannot allow to happen anymore.

    I agree – pehley yeh dekhein, darwaza kisne khola

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  7. You’re asking them to dirobe in front of us. Be completely naked. All their faults visible to our eyes. You think that will ever happen? Hell no… they think we look up to them so they should be clean. Little do they realize that we know but the fact that we haven’t done anything about it yet makes them more convinced of that.

    You are right. It’s too late to say ‘i didn’t do it’. Its now time to say, ‘let’s punish those who did’…


  8. Do you really think it’s so easy to declare war when the two nations in question are equipped with nuclear weapons that could destroy them? Even if the politicians are feeling the heat, do you think they would jeorpadise their own lives to save their skin from a public that isn’t known for having a good memory!

    Of course, it’s quite plausible that our underworld was involved but to where do you trace the origins of this underworld? There have been umpteen reports in more peaceful times that have proven that the underworld in India is backed by external forces. When you want to kill someone, you shoot at the heart and not the limbs, if you know what I mean.

    And we can’t wish away geographical boundaries, can we?

    No we can not wish away geographic boundaries … but we should take what these fellas are saying with a huge sackful of salt, and yeah if it is a foreign hand – it will have a desi shakha – get information and take action. We need action for the sake of our own morale

  9. I think it is time when politicians answered those questions that your parents asked you. With a mask or without it. Shouldn’t really matter as long as they answer them. Who wants to see the real face of those people any way.

    Blog-hopped from Apar’s blog. I am blog rolling you 🙂

    I am honoured Varun

  10. Underworld can give logistic support, have safe-houses, arrange for reece trips around, supply local information.

    The underworld does not have the discipline and training these guys had. They kept NSG at bay for nearly 50 hours….

    If the underworld had these capacities, Mumbai and other cities would have been swamped by vicious gang fights and life would have been so much more uncertain.

    It surely can be a joint opearation.

    My point exactly Mavin – well put

    We have left our doors open without any guard there and are now shouting “Chor chor…..pakdo pakdo”.

    I think someone opened the door for these miscreants

  11. Its quite clear from the time the incident started that these boys were military trained. And that they were here with only one intention that they had to kill, kill, kill… no ransom, no demands, no nothing.

    I am somehow more inclined to believe that they were trained on the other side of the border as number of reports suggest, but does that mean Pakistan as a whole is responsible? Has the common Pakistani ever ruled his own country?

    There are a number of questions that remain unanswered, and I guess there are a number of questions that will never be answered. But what I really liked about this whole damn thing was the positive response it generated.

    Finally we have woken up – I hope for a long time, and we are asking questions. Finally we are united, and realise that we are Indians first and terrorists dont ask which province you belong to, or which religion, before they bomb you or shoot you

  12. We are in a Catch 22 situation here. Terrorists were trained in Pakistan, but Pakistan may not have full control over its own provinces, so you cannot “blame” Pakistan, neither can you expect them to help you because, again the civilian government does not control these outfits. Then what do we do? Sit here and get bombed repeatedly?

    I dont blame any other country. My elders always taught me that before calling someone a thief, lock up your own valuables.

    I am not saying we don’t have local issues. But we definitely don’t go and blow up our neighbors. But when things happen, we are in control because it is our land and people. Here, if the Pakistan government cannot control these terrorists, there is no shame in taking help of India to root out these camps. They let US soldiers on their soil, why not India? Especially when their intentions are to solve the same issue too?

    Now this is a very pertinent point that our neighbours have to answer

  13. The catch question is “do they intend to get rid of the terrorists, terrorist training camps”?

    If yes, they would have acted in 1993 itself and not allowed the LET to set up shop simply with another name…

    Yes, I am in favor of India going in and taking out these people… it doesn’t matter what the world says!

    The world fears that 2 “nuclear armed” nations will go to war, and rightly so. Well, the world may try to persuade the Pak Govt (if it is genuinely sincere) to take out the camps immediately or send in coalition troops to take them out? That way 2 nuclear armed enemies wont go to war…

    Or we can always hope, hope against hope that we are safe where we are, glad we were not in South Mumbai when it happened and live and let live…

    Thats life, I guess…

    Yeah, that’s life – between a rock and a hard place

  14. “Ritu”, with your permission I want to answer “Clueless” for his queries and apprehensions…

    Well “Clueless”,
    its not as simple as it seems or as you are taking it to be. We all have our own problems which we have to solve by ourselves. No offense at all… BUT… why not India should get help (not from Pakistan) but from any other country in getting control of Assam, Khalistan, Tamil and so many other state liberation fronts (or terrorists you may call it)… Pakistan is quite equipped in controlling everyone in its boundaries. US is allowed to operate in Pakistan because it was partly US strategy to create, finance and train these Jihadi Camps back in 80’s and 90’s for the Soviet armies in Afghanistan. So now as the Soviets have gone out of Afghanistan, its a duty of US and Pakistan itself to culminate those Jihadi or terrorists groups. Its not a business of ANYOTHER country, let aside India.

  15. Afaque,

    Firstly, Clueless is a “she”.

    We have problems in Tamil Nadu, Assam, and like I said in my comment, we are NOT coming into Pakistan and creating any trouble. When Pakistani nationals get involved across the border, it becomes a part of the Indian agenda to set it right, because it is affecting us.

    Like India, Pakistan has been seeing its share of unrest, but again, it becomes our problem when these acts of terror start happening in India.

  16. Afaque,

    One more concern is when the terrorists are local, the government has full authority and facility to carry out justice, but then they come from another country, we do not have such control. Such unknown entities are a threat for any nation.

    I agree, no one should be allowed to compromise the integrity and security of our nation. The reply should be clear, befitting the offense, united and strong

  17. Ok “Clueless”…
    Sorry for your alteration of gender… 🙂
    Do you have any proof? or have you seen any proof on media?
    The only video that is telecasted by Star News is of Rehman Chacha’s life history… that is even hilarious… you must watch it here

    Think before believing in something… If Indian Govt is so clear in its accusations then instead of fool talks on TV, they must show the reports on the actual proofs…

    Afaque, the problem is that Pak media is propogating one story, Indian media another. The leaders are just posturing. There seems to be a lot which is being hidden on both sides. As a concerned citizen, it scares me to even think what these idiots on both sides are doing behind closed doors

  18. Afaque,

    I am basing my ideas on what our government has released as information. It says it has proof that ISI is involved, proof that it is the LeT that sponsored the attack. I don’t know what the US media is saying, or what the Pakistani media is saying, but I will believe what my government says. And if they have to put out such reports, especially with all the pressure from US, then I am pretty sure they have some concrete proof. Zardari himself made a statement on Larry King Live (CNN ) that he is sure the terrorists are not from HIS PART OF PAKISTAN. Which points to the obvious that there are parts of Pakistan not under the control of the civilian elected government.

  19. Clueless,
    I am not rendering that the you should believe in that TERRORISTS WERE NOT FROM PAKISTAN. But all my point was that, don’t believe in anything until and unless they show you the proof.
    You talk about believing on their word, what about the Samjhota Express brutality. Government said that it has been done by Pakistan and Janta too believed it as they elected the government, but see what happened after the investigations were carried out. A serving Colonel was involved.
    So please I am NOT saying that everyone here is so pious and everything which lies across the boundary are all malacious.
    My concerns are for people here and there both sides. They are innocent and have been played by politics. Why they should suffer every time???
    Please ask yourself.

  20. and people want peace. We are again hit by a bomb attack in Peshawar last night. More than 20 killed and 60+ severely injured. Do you think its the present which people of Pakistan wanted to have on EID??
    So not even a single citizen of Pakistan want these attacks. We have been the biggest victims in the whole world, so we know what it actually takes when whenever you listen to news, you get to hear another bomb blast, another many killed. So we can never endorse such killings.

  21. Ritu, sorry for hogging your comment space!


    Exactly my point! We don’t want terrorists, you don’t want terrorists, let us get rid of them together!

    Dont apologise my dear … I am glad that this debate is happening – both us and people like Afaque from Pakistan should know and understand each other. We dont need war, we need to get together and stop this unthinking bloodshed

  22. Clueless,
    I hope we do and have better OFFICIAL relations too… (As I believe we already have good relations at every other front, like you see, here on internet, here we are willing to talk and sit in this PUNDAAL and listen to each other with open hearts)

    You always have a very correct and factual approach…
    Thanks for the space though 🙂

    You are welcome

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