The awakening

Oh, but I was sleeping

It did not matter to me

Who was on the throne ruling

Ravan, Ram or Kaikeyi


Too many times I was cheated

Too many times I was conned

Disturbed, lied to, maltreated

Now rudely woken up with a bomb


Within me, my multitudes are up

Rubbing sleep from their eyes

Weighing deeds with measuring cups

Demanding action to stop tears and cries


They do not want to die in a war

They just want roti, bangla and a new car

Ah, my multitudes, I want you safe

For that, I’ll fight, if that is the case


I am glad you’ve recognised that you are brothers

We are a  family, and I’m your mother

We will keep each other safe

And fight as one, if that’s the case


7 thoughts on “The awakening

  1. …and as mothers, we unite,
    to never allow the blood
    of our children spill
    on the roads
    while vultures circle

    Ritu, you almost made me cry. Beautiful poem.

    Our halaat makes me cry, Mampi

  2. We, the children of one God,
    To Whom we all owe our existence,
    To Whom we think of when we weep,
    And Who sees us to our eternal sleep,
    We are answerable to Him and only Him…
    Don’t blame religion, just like you don’t blame Him…

    No religion advocates bloodshed, I dont blame religion at all

  3. Very beautifully written. What makes us so sentimental about our country’s situation that a country is not just a physical entity, it is a part of our being!

    And hey, I have something for you on my blog. Please do check.

    Yeah, already I have friends telling me to move on …. but I have my children moving around in the metros, I have to work … and I feel so insecure

  4. Thank you IHM, again, for this link.

    This is inspiring. And yes, long gone is that time of slumber. The time to act has begun, and the awakening is slow, but sure.

    Beautifully expressed.

    Thank you

  5. Very well written Ritu…

    (BTW Nancy wasn’t “telling” you, she was just expressing herself 😉 She just asked me to convey that to you)

    I know that Ravin. I know that Nancy. In these sick times, one has to keep on repeating that message, sigh!!! Just took the opportunity to say it once again

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