You say Potato, I say Poh tah toe

Every one loves potatoes.  This is something I can say without fear of repercussion.  Aloo, spuds, potatoe, whether they come from Haldwani or any where in the world are my everlasting love.  I seriously think the major reason for my being a lapsed Jaini is that they wanted me to feel guilty about sinking my teeth into a french fry.  Forgive me my God, but I wont let any one come between me and my aloo.

Trivia facts affirm that potatoes are second in human consumption only to rice.  I am not surprised.  Can you imagine the state of this world …. the shape of this world if there were no potatoes!!!!  I dont think I could face a world without aloo, mashed, fried, made into a tikki or stuffed into paranthas and samosas.

Forgive me and grant me leave to drool a bit.

The reason for this post was the dinner I made for the family yesterday ….

Aloo meat, raita with small cubes of aloo and tomato, capsicum suffed with (you got it) aloo.  I was geared up for someone throwing a tantrum or cries of Phir se itna boring khana, but what do you know, every thing got eaten.  

Finally, I have cracked the puzzle, downloaded the codex, got enlightened.  In order to ensure that my family eats what I cook, I have to add aloo to everything.  Hmmm may be not everything, but you get the point ….

So today lunch was aloo gobhi, kadhi (with pakoras made with besan mixed with onion and boiled aloo).  I just got an sms fm DIL saying “Wonderful lunch Mom” and Kid#2’s complaint “Why did you cook so little, I am still hungry”  I gently informed him that I had cooked some gajar halwa yesterday which should be lying in the fridge.  Another thing to get out of the way heh!

Thank goodness there will be no leftovers to deal with.  Heavenly.
MARCH 14 IS POTATO CHIP DAY.  I think it should be declared Global Holiday


20 thoughts on “You say Potato, I say Poh tah toe

  1. yes holiday pls.
    even biharis cannot cook without potaoes…
    aaloo meat…yummmmmmmmmmm`

    LOL, its a pan southeast asian phenomena as the media describes sundry other stuff that is sadly inedible

  2. can u come down and stay with me for a few days??am quite sick of my sandwich lunch packets…and could do with some of that…and we both love aloo so we will kiss your hands everyday 🙂

    Ahh Pinku, come join us

  3. Nice blog. 🙂 I liked this entry. I’m a big fan of potatoes too – I’m a totally french fries fiend! Hahah.

    Divine food isn’t it. Here is a trivia fact : In the late 19th century, Rev. Richard Sewall accused the potato of leading to laziness in housewives since there’s so little prep time involved in cooking potatoes, which in turn leaves female hands idle and primed to do the Devil’s work.

  4. ‘I dont think I could face a world without aloo, mashed, fried, made into a tikki or stuffed into paranthas and samosas.’
    – Me neither.
    And you should see the way I get all worked up when there is no aloo in the house.
    Thank you for letting me know I am in good company.

    😀 the reliable and tasty aloo

  5. jab tak rahega samose me aaloo 😀 I love to experiment with this divine gift of nature can make such scruptuous delights ..ummmmmm..bake them ,roast them ,fry them anything ..
    love potato wedges and chicken with potato ,mashed potato ..or simply roasted or baked potatoes with dollop of butter and pepper salt ..awesome in winter ..yummmmmy.

    Oooh Tiku, you make me feel hungry

  6. Ahh , what would we do without you Ritu,
    Kal it was the zafrani pulao on my blog comment space,
    Today it is the aloo…
    And I was serious last night when I said you are making gajar da halwa with all these concoctions, hehehe. Weird weird me, Maybe the haircut did it to me…

    Not wierd – make some halwa with aloo mash, it is delicious. I tried that too LOL

  7. Hiya! Delurking… the mention of potatoes prompted me 😀

    I honestly doubt the world would survive without potatoes… I’m forever trying varaiations of aloo ki sabzi. I also got told that at this rate ‘potatoes’ would be a proper noun in my dictionary haha!

    And this is the first I’ve heard of aloo kheer… how do you make that?

    Aloo halwa
    Aloo kheer

  8. Indeed, you should have seen the expressions on my daughters faces when I told them I’m leaving potatoes since I need to lose some weight… its 7 .5 months since I’ve grossly indulged in potatoes… and seriously I don’t miss them now! But there was a time I would have them for BF, lunch, dinner, snacks… ha ha! 😀

    You actually de-addicted from aloo and survived!!!! Wow, you are brave

  9. Potato chip day? Wow, I didn’t know that! You mean I can actually pig out on aloo all day without getting those subtle frowning hints from the husband? 😉

    Vive La Potato Chip Day

  10. Loved the Paean to the Potato 🙂

    I’m here to offer up a sad counterpoint to the “everybody must love potatoes” rule though…my older kid…HATED potatoes for years, now he tolerates them, as chips or occasional in roasted forms…anything else, and he actually gags! I would have run a maternity/paternity test on him if he didn;t so much like us!


    Now this is a rarity – a family that cant stand potatoes

  11. My mum used to say that she had to get my brother and me married to kids of potato farm owners!! 🙂

    Ahhh that would be heaven

    Well, potatoes are known to be anti-depressants. I got to know that watching some programme on TV. And yes, it is through experience too 😀

    I knew it, I have good taste and make smart choices 😀

  12. You are the right person to ask…how do you make kadi…can you give me the recipe?

    I want mine to be all creamy and the pakoras to be a little denser and soaked in all goodness. Mine always comes out watery…or too pasty…I am not able to hit the divine creamy medium…

    I add 1 cup of besan to 1 large carton of dahi – and let it soak for 10/15 minutes while I fry the pakoras, then whip it up for the kadhi. Googled kadhi and got the recipe I use

  13. How do you make aloo meat?
    I have been eating lesser aloos here- darn the southie i married- those cruel people don’t eat aloo much. I need more aloo.

    Once you are done with bhuno-ing the meat, pressure cook it for approx 4 whistles, then add aloo (I just peel and halve them, thumb rule being 2 halves per person), open the cooker, add the aloo and pressure cook for 3 more whistles – voila aloo meat for you

  14. March 14 should definitely be a national holiday!
    And actually food seriously is tastier with potatoes. Dad used to love eating out and his used to love spending money. His favourite was Pavilion at Maurya. My lil brother everytime would only order french fries. EVERYTIME! My mum used to go mad… and then we me and my sister used to look at his plate, we would want them too!!
    Potatoes are addictive re.. 🙂

    Yeah v v addictive

  15. Potato worshipers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your waists! 😛

    LOL, its a very minor sacrifice all things considered …. 😉

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