Mera Bharat, My India

There are many Indias, each one of them so different – its a wonder how all of them blend, at times seamlessly, at times the joints show.   I feel that they can be categorised as such 


This is the entire lot of the English speaking Indians.  These are the people who have studied in English medium schools, have travelled abroad, have used, or are familiar with Versace, Dior and Gucci.  Know of cuisines other than our Indian ones – and that includes tadka wala Chinese.  This lot loves Hollywood movies and English music.  Karan Johar and Yash Raj make films on them.  This is the lot that is working itself into an anger against politicians after the Mumbai terrorist attack.  Unfortunately this is just a small percentage of India.  Therefore what the news channels are hyping as revolution is not going to make a huge difference to this country.



These Indians are beautifully depicted in Oye Lucky!Lucky Oye!  These people live urban areas too, are found in metros as well as small towns.  They study in Hindi or vernacular medium schools, work as sales people, support staff to the cool Indians, uphold the Indian culture and morality strongly (which they feel these cool indians have forgotten).  They strongly envy the Cool Indians but also disapprove of them.  Given a chance, though, they would love to be them.  They will empathise with the cool Indians, but only up to a point.  At some level they are scared of the cool Indians, who have more money, better connections – in short, more power.  



This is honestly another country in itself.  They hate the Cool India, they laugh at the Wannabes.  They think they are the true India.  They think we – the urban India – are “bahut bade Chu……”, and now that I have cooled down, I realise that the asshole Naqvi was actually talking to his vote bank among them.  They are shown in their gritty reality in the movie Omkara

Now the point is, if we want a change to happen in this country – all these three have to be in sync.  That, dear readers, is something that requires a lot of effort, a lot of change.  

Is it possible within this lifetime?

I leave you to read this blog and think


18 thoughts on “Mera Bharat, My India

  1. Yes, it is possible, In our lifetime.
    Only today Me and Mahesh were enjoying our foolish hope and we concluded that it IS possible.
    I have been to Daniyal’s blog before; he writes really well.

    Let us hope so …….

  2. I personally think that the “cool” India is more of a mirage than anything else. The “real” India and the real Indians are where everyone is- the wannabes is the aspiration and the “cool” part a pretense… we are a very “feudal” people- and we try to mask it under our coolness….

    Hmmm, yeah the cool ones are prone to double standards and hypocrisy

  3. Hmm.. yes and no. There has been a change in all the 3 Indias within our lifetime. They have gone from “Lal sabun” to “Lifeboy do bhaiya. utne mein hi to aata hai.”

    If a sabun company can change perspectives, are you telling me that we cannot? Its just a matter of deciding and carrying a yoke on your shoulders. Karega kaun?

    The three havent yet merged into one united India – have they?

  4. I think all three have woken up, unlike what I have been hearing, all kinds of Indians were unhappy and although change will not come easily, I think we will see some changes now onwards. For better.

    The rural India is very chauvinistic. It wants us to attack and take revenge. They are the vote banks. Scary

  5. im a mixture of wannabes and cool-hip-people!

    Oh I am a wannabe – I wannabe Betty Davis, I wannabe rich like Bill Gates, I wannabe able to blog, sleep and chill all the time and charge the expense to an unlimited account

  6. Very well put, Ritu. And so true. Your description of the Wannabes is perfect – they detest the Cool India but if given a choice would love to be like them. Very specific and to the point.

    Thank you Trailblazer

  7. Nice writeup.

    There’s a fourth category – the uber rich.

    They are the ones who have everything, and then some more. The ones who drive imported Land Cruisers, wear Armani, and fly in private jets.
    They number the least, and have the most influence in the country’s affairs!

    Aaah, but they are not Indians in my opinion

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