Haiku – Self Pity Fest

If I were a man
I would say C’mon Ritu buck up
And get a grip

If I were a man
I would say C’mon Ritu listen
To logic and grin

But I am not a man
This loss cuts like a knife
I’ve been deserted

The kids are out of town
And I am out of my favorite chocolate
No one to get it Baaaawwwwwl


13 thoughts on “Haiku – Self Pity Fest

  1. Lol! How sweet is that… You take care and find a place that delivers chocolates at home 🙂

    I live in the great rural backwaters – every thing is so far away sigh!!!

  2. lol…
    it seems more like a kid inside you which screams out… 😀
    why dont u wish to be a child instead…

    “envie de chocolat”

    Oh but I never did grow up –
    so true”envie de chocolat”

  3. Ritu
    so sweet yaar… I’m laughing at the first verse, it’s so spontaneous and my wicked mind reads meaning into “get a grip”!! Watch that movie ‘Chocolat’… you’ll feel better.

    That movie seriously gave me severe choco-cravings u know

  4. Haiku?
    It was a haiku?
    Japani log baal noch noch ke royenge,
    agar unko pata chal gaya toh

    Lets save them the agony – and not let them know main unka poetry form ko murder kar rahin hoon

  5. find substitutes in the house..how about ice cream? or do what we do when we are too lazy to go to the grocery store…make a list of 5 things that u dont really need…add chocolate at no.6….call up the story and ask for home delivery!:P

    LOL, ended up eating jaggery instead – and I surprisingly liked it

  6. What!!! It’s such a great opportunity to spend some extra time in the blogosphere :))
    You can get home delivery I am sure, but why eat chocolate, have some fruit :))))

    IHM fruit is health food – needed comfort food – had some gur as a substitute

  7. Oh c’mon! You in gurgaon na… let’s drive to Def Col (I’ll drive), sit in Mocha and have a Chocolate Avalanche! Yummy in my tummy!

    Oh and order nirula’s HCF while you’re waiting to decide 😉

    Sounds delicious and artery clogging – just what Dr. Ritu prescribes LOL

  8. Enjoyed your attempts at Haiku Ritu!
    Aaah chocolates!!! Lets have more chocolates!! Now I am craving for some! 😦

    Thus spake a true chocoholic! Welcome to the club 😀

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