The winner takes it all


Yeah, the drop dead gorgeous blonde bombshell, the swank rolls royce, the money, and slowly walks in a fade out shot into the sunset on the beach.

I’ve been awarded – now am ringing up the Powers – in – charge for the rest of the stuff.

Just kidding!

Seriously people, I wrote my post from the heart

I love the little woman who makes my son so happy.  No its not a perfect relationship – which relationship is?  Its a work-in-progress kind of relationship, but you know what – its a positive and loving one.  At the end of the day, that is all that matters – truly.

Wish others would also look at mother-in-law/daughter in law relationships this way.


20 thoughts on “The winner takes it all

  1. The coolest Mom in law in the world deserves this award 🙂 That post is an awesome post.
    May many more mom in laws see from your example, what fun daughters in laws can be, if you just leave them alone LOL 🙂

    Thanks IHM

  2. once again congrats and i am so glad that i brought that news ur way… the best post i have read i have already said that

    congrats once again very very well deserved

    Thanks Monika 😀 I would never have known

  3. yayyyyy!!!
    A very well deserved award indeed 😀
    congrats Ritu!
    now I can go around boasting I have blogebrities for friends ;D

    Thanks MayG. Love the word blogebrities, can I add it to my collection of words that should be in a dictionary?

  4. Congratulations!!! Where’s the bubbly? Oh and congrats DIL too! The muse is always important 😀

    And ps-> I don’t like your blogroll! It doesn’t update!

    Oh I immediately rang her up and said Thanks. She smartly demanded a bottle of bubbly hehehehhe. We had a few bottles yesterday – have a wine head today.

    Gimme a link to a site that gives me a better blogroll option yaar. I hate my blogroll too

    hugs …and more hugs ..boy am I basking in your glory ..good deeds done in past life = you as a friend and mentor ya

    Thanks Tikuli, and come on – you have a great imagination, just needed a nudge in the right direction that is all 😉

  6. congratulations! 😀
    loved that line about the relation being “a work-in-progress kind of relationship”.. isnt that true for most relationships?

    Yes it is – and if its perfect – someone is being hypocritical

  7. Congrats!! It is a pleasure coming second to a blogger like you 🙂

    Awww that’s so sporting of you Reema. Your post rocks too 😀

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