Why do you blog?

Why do you blog?

Because I have so much to say – and no one to hear me out.

That’s bullshit
It may be bullshit but its true

I’ve read your blog – and its not the true you

In any case – its only 3% of you. Oh okay, may be 45% of you. Its kind of unreal.
Oh hey – what do you want me to do – list the moles I have on my body or blog about the many times we go visit the loo i.e. me and the others in my family?

Don’t you have a life other than this blogging?
Hmmm wonder if someone asked Shakespeare this question?

So you think you are Shakespeare haan?
I write in a different genre

I think it gives you a faltu type ego, and is making you turn fake.
WTF!!!! Fake???????

Editor’s Note :Well, there might be some grain of truth in the objector …… and I do promise to myself that I will live in real time too.However that said and done, I wonder why this had to surface after the award?

My question to others on blogosphere : Do you feel that we live too much in the virtual world and turn fake for the people who know us in real time?


22 thoughts on “Why do you blog?

  1. I think all bloggers could be accused of the same – of living two lives. I know real people and I know their blogs and sometimes the two are difficult to connect. I think what we are in the real world is what what we are, the virtual world lets us be what we want to be. Perhaps.

  2. Ritu, valid question. I have discussed this topic with some of my virtual friends and family & real friends in the virtual world.

    There are some people who are so different in real life. They seem to make up for their actual lacunae in the virtual world. There are others who are vise versa.

    And then there are some (like me, hopefully) who are what they are, in the real and the virtual world 🙂

  3. For some, the anonymity of the virtual world can loosen some inhibitions and some very good pieces of work across various categories come out.

    For some, its a an inexpensive way of promoting our work and get honest feedback on it. (Which does give a nice ego boost!)

    And for some its an escape route. A world where they don’t have to live their life and be somebody they always wanted to be. Shirking responsibilities n all that.

    The virtual world for me is a page of my diary which can be read by anyone. So I put in what I want people to read and comment on. I don’t think by doing that I turn fake for others.

  4. Well even in real life most of us have dual lives. But even then it differs for different people.

    On internet its easy to disguise your self and in the blogosphere its even easier. Check out this example :


    Check out the post “Zamindar” and others like that. I dont think so she can tell anybody or can open up in front of anyone who knows her in person. She (who knows it might be ‘He’ 😮 ) might be having fake name, fake ID and fake address.

    So people are more open here I guess instead of being fake. They are more of themselves here and show what they actually want.

  5. well, i have asked this question to myself too: do i live a double life? Actually, i don’t. I write about what I am in real life with my friends, in college etc(and that becomes my virtual life.lol) in my blog and other things i believe in. In a way, my readers know the real me. In a way, they don’t. Just the same way my friends don’t know what’s on my mind.

    As for the anonymity part, thats just for privacy.

  6. I just watched “Must Love Dogs?” and thought it was amusing how the women were posting their fantasy selves on the online dating services. 🙂

    I write about what’s going on in an author’s life…so, the real me!

  7. tough questions…but nope, i think dont think so..i write about who i am, what i am going through, what i am thinking..so essentially i am writing about me…yes, i do keep away some aspects of my life but thats coz a blog is public and i dont want my entire life mapped out on it..

  8. Not here to comment on post,
    that i will do in the morning.
    You are awarded, perhaps you have received it earlier too, but I felt like , so i awarded.
    Come over and accept it.

  9. I blog because I want to partake in social conversation that I miss so badly here.
    I feel like my blog is my reflecion for people who know me well…..for people who just know me socially, it could be a revelation!

  10. Sometimes a blog is liberating. There may be things you cannot say out in the open, but you can lash out all you want on your blog!

    But I feel that the style of writing and the content does indicate the nature of a blogger. So you may not be too far off!

  11. Thank you for the inputs, all of you. This was an argument I had with someone who knows me in real life and hates my blogging. I think its true and not so true too. Every one has masks – personas or whatever …..to quote Prufrock

    There will be time, there will be time
    To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;
    There will be time to murder and create,
    And time for all the works and days of hands

    so we are putting on the mask of acceptability…..but lots of writing is about what the mind can trigger off ..fake or phoney….I think its sort of like wearing the right colour of lipstick, adjusting your shawl or pallu in just the right angle, knotting a tie ….. an effort to be acceptable. Any how, critics will just be that – critics

  12. My Pati is not very keen about me blogging..And many family members mock at me..uh..i hate it..I have let go many things for them and I want something of my own..atleast a blog :-/

    Keep on blogging. My kids tease me relentlessly – they call me Ekta Kapoor of blogging. I counter it by saying Don’t flatter Ekta Kapoor 😉

  13. Nahhhhiiii,
    Fir se Prufrock nahi,
    how can you be so cruel??
    Well, I feel blogging is to share the fun. I dont share many things but that doesnt mean that what I share is fake, or that I live a fake life. I feel my blog is pretty much me, a part of me, but not the whole.

    Mampi, but Prufrock is something I can understand well

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