It is the farewell kiss, you dog

Did he really say that?  The Iraqi journalist who flung his shoes at the US President?  May be he said

Here’s your Christmas Gift – you’re hot.  

Considering the recession – he might have been worried that the poor President Bush who’s just lost his job may not be able to afford a good pair of shoes.  So he was spreading Christmas cheer.

What impressed me was the agility with which Bush ducked the shoes.  Oh boy, he gave me an insight into his domestic life.  He is such a bumbler …. the Missus must be throwing things at him daily.  And then, if you watch his expression clearly, he smirked!!!  It was as though he said “You missed Stoopid!!!”

The famous American Security that surrounded the President took its own sweet time getting into the act.  Someone should have told them – Hey, its not the guy’s wife throwing cutlery at him, this is a foreign country and its a diplomatic incident …. accident … whatever

Bush being shoed

The fallout of the incident :-

Bush can actually forge a career based on his smirky quick reflexes

The Iraqi gave him the shoe, the Americans gave him the boot.  These commonalities will help both countries forge stronger cultural ties in years to come.

Terrorists will be complaining to TERROR GOD why the inspiration to put grenades in shoes to be flung at Presidents was not bestowed on them

The manufacturers of that brand of size 10 shoes will be thinking of the catchline to advertise their product with.

The Iraqi journalist will have sharp shooters ring him up and give him helpful tips on how to not miss the next time.

As for me …. the footage made my day LOL. Tcha!!! Why’d he miss?


14 thoughts on “It is the farewell kiss, you dog

  1. I felt bad for Bush …. I thought hey this isn’t the way.
    And Ducking is something these guys are good at, didn’t another American President say famously, ‘Honey, I forgot to duck’?

    LOL IHM, Yeah, they have lots of practise

  2. 🙂 Hi Ritu,I have been reading your posts since long..I love your thoughts..Your posts on daughter in on why you blog..etc etc etc…And this deserved it 😉

    Good day..Keep writing

    Thank you Nimmy and thanks for delurking

  3. Hurling shoes at somebody is considered as the nastiest insult in Iraq. Did you know that? 😉
    And just look at the security arrangements for the President of the United States! Anybody can throw anything to him!
    Well, it makes a great Goodbye Gift for Dubya!! LOL!!

    I know, shocking!! I agree about the goodbye gift.

  4. I think he saw the sole… Reminds me of Sonia Gandhi…

    I must say it is the perfect goodbye! Oh and Ritu completely agree with you on the domestic front. He does tend to bumble every now & then. Have you seen the video where he as asked about the sovereignty of the tribals? Foot in mouth? More like the entire leg in mouth!

    LOL, Thanks for the link

  5. I have run out of humanity, I felt bad for the guy who threw the shoe. WHy did he miss? Bush chachu, this is nothing, wait till you get outta office.

    Yeah, that’s a thought Mampi

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