On your fours, get set, go!!!!

I have been tagged by Apar to do this.  From the four vedas to the Fab Four, four cardinal directions to the four suits of playing cards, four Greek classical elements to four evangelists, four seems to be a very significant number.  Its the only number that has the same number of letters as the number itself …..

This was something I had not noticed!

More information on the Wiki page

4 places I go to over and over again


2. The peak of K2

3. Vin Diesel’s gym 

4. HQ of witches worldwide

Just kidding ………… my own life is so boring …. sigh!


4 places I go to over and over again

1. Home

2. Office

3. The local Mall

4. Worldwide Web

4 people who mail me regularly

Wish it was Mr. Bachchan, Mr. SRK, Madhuri Dixit, Penelope Cruise

1. Jaspie …. 😉

2. Ravin

3. Diana

4. Jayshri

4 of my favorite places to eat

1. My own home

2. Woodland

3. Salad Bar at Nirulas

4. More than Paranthas

4 places I’d rather be now

1. In a PVR watching Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

2. On the beach

3. On a space ship on an interstellar journey

4. On a hill station where its snowing

4 favorite TV shows

1. You can dance

2. Who’s Line is it Anyway

3. Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister

4. Great Indian Laughter Challenge

4 Movies I could Watch again and again

Here I am unashamedly a Bollywood mush type

1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

2. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam

3. Pushpak

4. A Wednesday

I would like to tag these people

1. Manpreet

2. IHM

3. Chandni

4. Ravin


8 thoughts on “On your fours, get set, go!!!!

  1. Wow!
    There are one in each of your 4 choices that I wish to do too… like Madhuri, Salad, Beach, and “places i go over and over again” toh sari ki sari….
    btw i had corrected problem on my blog now… had posted a short story… wanted your review…:)

    Visiting it Afaque

  2. Loved the tag you have done.
    Tags are lovely, they tell u so much about the person.
    ANd now I will do it, hopefully tomorrow, meantime, there is another tag pending from you…
    You never lose hope, do you? Hehehe.

    No I dont, hehehehe 😛

  3. Love ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway’! Is the show still on on any channel?

    Yeah it is wonderful – hmmm lemme check that one out – been watching the dvds

  4. I love whose line is it anyway! Its absolutely insane and brilliant!
    Oh and don’t waste money on Rab Ne… Watch it on DVD 🙂

    DVD is the only option for me right now

  5. I am such a sucker for tags! Will take this one up! Looks like fun!!
    (Or, I probably would have done it… have to check once!) 🙂

    Pixie there is another one too – consider yourself tagged for both

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