Yet Another Tag


This one is from Chandni

Well…pretty basic questions, most I guess have been answered by me at some point or the other on the blog…but here goes! The idea is to do an image search for every answer and choose any image from the first page…

1. The age you will be on your next birthday


Chronologically – Sigh 😦


A place I would like to visit  : The Alps

My favorite place : Bed – yeah I am a lazy bum

Favorite food : Anything tasty – hmmmmm : Yeah tandoori chicken with butter naan, green chutney and onion rings yummy!

Favorite drink : Whisky : scotch of course

Favorite pet : dogs

Favorite colour combination : very indian and earthy

Favorite piece of clothing : LOL Crazy hats

All time favorite song : If I were a Rich Man from the movie Fiddler on the Roof


Favorite TV Show : Yes Minister

Town in which I live

Screen name

First job


My dream job : Ahhh such bliss




Bad habit : I forget – specially things I dont wanna do

My worst fear : Being a burden on my family ………. sorry no pics for this one


The one thing you’d like to do before you die: Write a book

The first thing you will buy if you get $1,000,000 – a mountain ranch


I tag the following

1. Afaque

2. Tikuli

3. Rajat

4. Shail

5. Advitiya

Would love to see this picture tag done by you


10 thoughts on “Yet Another Tag

  1. Aray dream job kya…
    ma’m ka sub kuch he related to araam he araam and ayashi he ayashi hay… n jab araam milta hay (doc ki taraf se) toh office ko bhagnay ke chakar mein rehti hein…. lol
    thanks for taggin…. will do asap…. 🙂

    Kya karen, sigh! All this aaraam is expensive – need to earn for it

  2. Oh its this one?? Ok that means Deeps and you tagged me for the same one. So one less to do!! 😉 Will get down to it as soon as I can. I am away from home! Moreover the yakkety yak begins tomorrow!! 😛

    Enjoy Shail. Lucky you – got off lightly eh? Same tag from two places 😉

  3. Aye aye Evil Queen! It sounds really interesting! Will get on to it asap!

    Ps. Vewy happy your blogroll is finally working! 🙂

    I threatened it – told it “Mr. Blogroll, no eggnog for Xmas if you dont behave!” It worked hehehehe

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