The Great Indian Sale Experience

As soon as the weather turns pleasant around Dussehra, malls, shopping centres etc start getting decorated for the biggest festival of the year, i.e. THE SALE.  Every gimmick in the book is used to get customers into shops.  Shop keepers are the most tolerant and egalitarian race I have ever seen.  They are most unconcerned about the current all pervasive intolerance.  Durga Pooja, Guru Purab, Eid, Diwali, Christmas,  New Year(?), Baisakhi , all these festivals are celebrated with great pomp and show – not in our homes or religious places, but in the market.

You know, it is as though the market places of the country have decided to eff the stupid fundamentalists.  Their rallying cry seems to be “Hindu, Sikh, Isayi, Musalmaan, Kee fark painda, humko munafe se hai kaam”  I approve of this attitude – its better than the hum log vs voh log kind of attitude that can prevail.

There is this website of artists who mix all religious symbols and create art

and another one I like …………..

I think we should ask malls all over the country to get inspired by these pics and put them up as decor …. along with the Ganesha, the Santa, the Tree, etc etc.

Yeah I know I am a dreamer ……


7 thoughts on “The Great Indian Sale Experience

  1. I so agree. I think they (the market forces) have been so successful in creating a hype around all festivals that they’ve got the people of this country to celebrate all these different festivals with such gusto!

    I think it has its plus points

  2. I agree. Even if we were going to be too busy to celebrate the sales make sure we join in all the fun. The colour of Indian sales is not religious, it’s festive 🙂

    Love these creations, the colours and the thought behind the creations.

    Yeah give me Festive any time

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