Christmas at home



The tree


The tree

Please note the camera shy Kid#2 next to the tree 


Me - after some eggnog

Me - after some eggnog

But I hafta pin Kid#2 down ……………..


Gotcha! Dammit he moved

Gotcha! Dammit he moved


The pets


Baron confused by the flash

Baron confused by the flash

The other two


Jeannie bored by the humans - every day is Xmas she says

Jeannie bored by the humans - every day is Xmas she says








He wanted to eat the gift wrappings

He wanted to eat the gift wrappings

Kid#! and DIL came back from an office party already tired

The food


My fav tandoori chicken, yummy

My fav tandoori chicken, yummy


Got him finally


I have pics of all three of ’em plastered and asleep on the couches ….. but cant upload since they’ll kill me.

How was your Christmas?


13 thoughts on “Christmas at home

  1. How many dogs you have ???

    Tandoori looks delicious with the onion rings !!!

    Merry Christmas !!

    We have three of them, one per kid I guess 😛
    No other way to have tandoori – onion rings and mint chutney, purrrrfect!

  2. I love that tree. And the dogs- awww awww awww. We went to an Ice Sculpture exhibition- nearly froze to death there- and thawed with lots of alcohol- and chicken tikkas later.
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful Chrismtas, peace, love and joy the year around and a wonderfully jovial New Year!

    Thanks Allytude, and same to you

  3. 🙂 You had a great Christmas..Mine was fine..there wasn’t any tree or like,but we went shopping and all..A fine day 🙂 Glad to see you Ritu..Good day

    Good day to you too, Nimmy

  4. Great pics Ritu, all of them, but most specially the dogs. I’ve flipped for them. Thought you’d mentioned there were only two, has there been an addition to the family?

    Yeah we have one more – Baron is a month old German Shephard

    Christmas was great fun … called on some Christian friends in the evening, and at the last halt, what a blast of a party it was. Good booze, great music and dance with some lovely ladies, and yummy food. Got back home – yeah, to my cold and lonely bed – at about 3 am!

    Sounds like fun – until getting home that is

    And it seeems the party season is not going to end too soon … last night was similar, and there are two weddings before the end of the year. And of course the New Year’s eve at DSOI!

    What are you all doing for the New Year’s?

    I dont know …. I’ll think of something I guess

  5. Hello Ritu:

    Thank you for dropping by and for the encouraging words 🙂

    Nice pictures…particularly the one featuring the Christmas tree.

    Happy Blogging! 🙂

    Thanks Sarah, same to you

  6. wow!!! i love ur dogs…. my xmas was great… partied on 25th at one friends house and 26th at another’s 🙂 wanted to do up the xmas tree but ojas is too small… next time may be

    I started this when the kids were small. Now its become a family tradition …. now they do it on their own

  7. Lovely lovely tree, gorgeous family and dogs.
    May Christmas and the new year bring much joy to all of you.

    Thanks Dipali and same to you

  8. Thanks Ritu, for uploading the pictures,
    Hope you had a great time.
    Get us some shikaar from the new year party too.

    Kid #2 wants to cook the new year meal : shudder!!!

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