A small home in the hills

When I retire, I want to go buy a cottage in the hills, and live there.

The kids look at me with the expression saying it all “The old woman has lost it, she cant sleep without a heater in Delhi winters and dreams of spending the end of her life at a hill station”.

Youth is arrogant, demanding and sadly enough, completely un-empathetic to aging parents and their dreams of one last gig before calling it quits.

This has happened to me many times.

I can not help it.

I spent my childhood in places like Meghalaya, Kohima, Imphal and would love to go back there – where the air is fresh, smells of pine, houses are built of wood and in the night, the stars shine like huge orbs in the sky. I love the view, the winding roads, the simple lazy life.

The kids are urban to the core and would not be able to handle it.

I could live the rest of my life in such a place.

In fact, this is perhaps the only resolution I will have for the rest of my life.

am like a fox terrier – I get an idea into my head and go after it, with a single minded focus until I achieve it.  Right now the prey to hunt is a cottage in any hill station …. and yours truly is the fox terrier. Let the Games … oops sorry … hunt begin.

Why do you want to go to the hills?

Because its calm and peaceful.

You’ll get bored

Nah – there is always internet and television

What will you do with yourself the whole day?

Probably start teaching in some primary school or something ……..

You’ll have no company

You’ll be surprised. In metros no one has time for aged people. I see so many lonely parents living with kids. They have nothing to look forward to and no life of their own. Kids have no time for them.  They are busy.

I fear becoming old like that. In small towns the pace of life is slow. Every one has time.

We’ll always have time for you.  After all, who else will keep you out of mischief.

Such killjoys you are! You always want to keep tabs on me.  I wanna run away

Hehehehehe, its gonna be so cold, you will probably pee in your pants. Better invest in adult diapers.

Both of them roll over on the floor laughing at this thought

WTF, what did you say?? Take that back! I am not that old dammit!

Humph impertinent kids!!!


21 thoughts on “A small home in the hills

  1. That is my dream too !!!! One day I shall retire and own a place in Manali !!! I and another Sheikh Chilli friend of mine, have even seen a place there…. on a ridge above the BEAS its a lovely place…. we are collecting money so that we can buy a property and make a few cottages there. We shall live in one cottage do a bit of farming and also rent out the other cottages for fellow nature lovers and trekkers. I am 31 now, but I cant wait for retiring !!! Some day surely I will have a house in the hills !!!!! My wife digs this idea tooo !!!! so I have company too !!

    How about Dharamshala? McleodGanj? Would be lovely

  2. Havent been to Dharamshala and Mcleodganj !!! plus I am in love with Manali !!!!! Also lots of villagers there know me…. I have been regularly going to Manali since my first trekking camp in 10th ….

    That sounds lovely. So you are all set ……..

  3. Your retirement plan sounds like something I would like to do right now….

    But I will definitely do so in a few years. I just hope the greenery is still there.

    Merry Christmas, and have a great 2009. (Loved the tree!)


    Quirky Indian

    Yeah Quirky, if its not green in the popular places, one could always go deep interior

  4. Sigh… brilliant plan! 🙂
    My dream is to buy a cottage with a white fence and a swing on the front porch.. 2 dogs and a huge garden… all this in Ooty… 🙂
    here, the white fence and the swing are very important!!

    Sounds nice, I’ll add the white fence and swing to my wishlist too. Cant think of life without dogs either

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  6. You have your childhood well spent! I can only dream of living in Meghalaya, Kohima or Imphal… Coz I’ve been living in Delhi all these years! 😦
    Holidays are a different thing, that can sure happen. But living?

    Yeah, I would like to …. I can

  7. This post made me also want to live in a dream cottage in a far away land …

    All one would want is an internet connection and a good maid. Long walks, fresh air, lots of green, birds … no fancy malls? no parties? no life? I think that would be a great way to live.

    Yeah, Bas itna sa khwab hai

  8. I’d love to visit you in your dream cottage, but I’m a total city person- I need city fumes to keep me going.

    Not me, not at all. LOL I think I wont be lonely, so many friends to visit me

  9. lol..but a home in the hills is not a bad idea…really.. u cud stay there in the summers and mover to back to the plains in the winters.. its actually a very nice idea!

    Yeah and have bloggers meets in the hills

  10. No super hot summers- Dilli style either.
    Think along Bhimtal lines- its a lovely place( shameless advertising for where my mum lives) Seriously it is nice, not “too” cold- as cold as Delhi in winter- and with SUNNY days- now that is a plus. And not at all hot in summer- no more fans required…. plus you have internet, television and the rest- and Delhi is a few hours away…. what more do you need?

    Oh wow! You sold it to me – let me explore it further 😀

  11. oh no not so lucky i meant i am willing to do that right away being able to do is a question far off now… caught in the emi debt trap

    Every one is …. sigh! 😦

  12. hey

    thats a lovely thought and am adding things to your ‘what will you do their list’

    1. grow some awesome plants in pretty planters and sell them to visitors
    2. Buy a cottage with an extra room or two and rent out to people – only those who come through personal network to be on the safe side

    By the way builders are selling flats at reasonable rates in Mussourie, Nainital and Rishikesh.

    good luck!!!

    Go on you can do it!!!

    Yeah, I shall, with or without adult diapers !

  13. Mcleodganj..perfect choice ..sare dopey wahan jate hain ..I am headed too .:)I would love to stay at any place which is not so crowded, all the places above Ranikhet are awesome.MUKTESHWAR IS ONE OF MY FAVS.
    A small house ,huge garden,a swing and a hammock ,few dogs and cats ,a fireplace ,a fully stocked bar ,good books ,laptop and Ahem …well if there is a choice …why not ;)…watchin glorious sunsets …

    Gorey bhi hote hain yaar – i can make tewas and open an astrology shop – pay my bills

  14. Ahhh,
    If wishes were horses,
    but Ritu,
    tere chotey chotey bacchey hain,
    how can you retire, and that too, in the hills, hehehe, (the nasty mampi speaketh)

    Mampi, just for that you are grounded with no net and cellphone!!!! Sigh abhi to yeh true hai – but soon ….

  15. Loved the post and the comments!

    The cottage with a white fence, bougainvillea blooms along arched gate, and a swing with a dog sleeping on it 🙂

    Lovely picture!

    Yeah – my great dream

  16. Aaah…A dream of most of the people I guess. But if someone offers me to LIVE there, then I think I wont avail that opportunity coz I am so used to living in the cities. Its good for a week a month or even a little bit more but it would be difficult more than that…
    Then, my opinion is not prejudiced but I ve observed that the people who love there are selfish and a little of too ruthless…

    Strange – I find humans in cities like that – people having a slower life style have a closed and rigid mind – but are ready to spend time with you and share

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