All right then, confess, Who is your biggest inspiration?


Try this. It’ll only take you a few minutes.





1) Pick your favorite number between 1-9.

2) Multiply by 3

3) Add 3

4) Multiply by 3 again (I’ll wait while you get the calculator….)

5) You’ll get a 2 digit number….

6) Add the digits together to obtain your score.

Now scroll down to find out what your score means
I’ll take the dogs out for a walk and come back while you calculate, Come Jeannie, let’s go!
Keep scrolling.
Had to do this on principle.  
My younger brother loved reading the last pages of my Agatha Christie novels and tell me who did it!
More doggie pics for you
Now I think you have got your number.  Tally it with the list below:
1. Barack Obama 
2. Sonia Gandhi 
3. Condoleeza Rice 
4. Brad Pitt 
5. Barkha Dutt 
6. Mahinder Singh Dhoni 
7. Russel Peters
8. Ellen DeGeneres
9. Phoenixritu’s Weaving A Web 
10. Amitabh Bachchan
Stop picking different numbers
Have a great 2009

19 thoughts on “All right then, confess, Who is your biggest inspiration?

  1. Hey!!!

    all the glasses are empty…. 😦

    Fill them up and let the good times flow…

    didnt do the calculation though checked out the dog pics with interest. What does that say about me?

    Based on this comment, party lover, dog lover, math avoider LOL

  2. It’s u, Ritu! and i have to agree, it’s true. I never really look up to famous people, because I don’t know who they are really, and I am very inspired by your writing and the way you lead your life.

    Way to go, phoenix!

    Thanks Freya

  3. That was fun!!! I love your doggie pics – Always wanted 2 have a dog – when the day comes I am gonna get a yellow or chocolate labrador or both 🙂

    I absolutely love German Shephards for their warm personality

  4. you devil woman …always up to something aren’t you?the canines are awesome but my snakes are hmmmmmmmmm…loved the blog..

    Hi Tikuli, your snakes scare me. Gimme dogs any day

  5. Did you need to resort to Math to make you my greatest inspiration? Even without it, you are among them!

    The dogs are awesome.

    Thanks Allytude – this was fun.

  6. Oh…. I got 6…
    Barkha Dutt… such a controversial personality.. :p
    chalo badnaam hongay toh kya naam na ho ga…

    Stop cheating Afaque, it is me – I rigged the darn thing. Hate losing 😛

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