Look who's asking for a bial out

I simply love the human race.  We go from staid and boring to the sublime and then turn around and do something totally ridiculous.  The Porn industry is seeking Federal bail-out.  The reason given is hilarious : since every one is queueing with a begging bowl, they might as well as join the queue.  They feel America as a nation is depressed and has lost its apetite for sex.

Aww c’mon, why dont they take a leaf out of our book

1. DVD sales are down, support the piracy industry.  Dammit forget the labels, the Govt. just taxes labels.  Be smart and leak out the taaza material to the piracy industry, and rake in profits.

2. Our soap industry has been really smart.  While the prices stay the same, the size of the soap has been reduced.  They could reduce the size of the toys they manufacture.  “So what if its small baby, it still packs a punch!”

3. Nirma was launched with the picture of a little girl dancing.  It was the owner’s daughter.  The industry could save a huge amount as actor fee if they act in those dvds themselves.

4. Does the Government charge a hefty entertainment tax?  These guys admit that the industry is not hit, the sale of dvds has gone down a bit.

Wish I were in the States.  I would form my own bank holding company with my dog as vice-president, and my kids as employees, my live in help as secretary, so I can qualify for a bailout too.


19 thoughts on “Look who's asking for a bial out

  1. Hahahah,
    listen, they are wise to use the girl’s picture still (they are still using it na?) because a pic of her grown up and decked up would cost them makeup cost too.
    This is indeed wise.


  2. lol!!! cant stop laughing.. but the situation there is really bad 🙂

    BTW while we are on porn did u read the new on bbc site which says that the chinese govt is planning to clean up the internet of all the porn… takes the cake

    Swear – kitney velley hain – got nothing better to do?

  3. Ha ha… I should watch out for some complete ‘family’ owned and run business coming up in the porn industry 😀

    Be careful, the view might damage your eyes permanently

  4. 🙂
    Thank you for making me smile after a really long day which has been filled with depressing news – Satyam, oil crisis, terror attacks, job cuts….

    Awww, c’mon – cheer up. If nothing else lets watch a movie – Rab Ney Banayi Jodi or something

  5. its not hilarious. its sarcastic.

    A sarcasm against the bail outs, the treachery of the government.

    Bail outs are loot of tax payers money who pays their hard earned money under coercive compulsive tax system.

    So yes why should not porn industry get a bail out when all government favourite dacoits are getting their share of tax payers money which government loots?

    Compulsory taxation sucks, bail out sucks, Obama sucks, George bush sucks.

    hail Liberty Hail libertarians.

    Oh by the way, check out the Bushisms here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7809160.stm

  6. I hereby declare myself “Clueless Bank and Mortgages” financing mortgages for…you guessed it! Clueless ofcourse!

    Now can I please have the money at a ridiculous 0.5% interest so that I can go buy some jewelry with it?

    Join the queue Clueless

  7. hahaha…
    So Punjabun se raha nehein gya…
    Achay bhalay ads ki juggat bana dee… 😀
    btw u must watch the awards show porn actors and actresses… its simply hilarious…

    Tweet me a link Afaque

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