What's cooking in the Phoenix House

Lazy Sunday morning

I live in queenly solitary splendour on the ground floor, Kid#1 and DIL occupy one bedroom and Kid#2 another on the first floor.  The three dogs keep wandering upstairs, downstairs and in My Lady’s Chamber as the mood gets them.

So on the lazy Sunday morning I woke up at 10 am – or rather was woken up by the dog trying to nibble my toe.  The said toe was clad in a brown woollen sock and the dog might have thought it had discovered a bone or something.  I checked the time and groaned – I could have slept some more.  Sigh!  Wandered into the kitchen followed by all three dogs … the kids were still asleep.  Made myself a cup of chai and started planning lunch.  We dont do breakfast on Sunday – we surface around noon, and then wonder where Sunday went.  I wanted a purely vegetarian meal, but knew that the kids would mutiny.  Here was an absolutely lovely challenge – do a veg. meal without my carnivorous kids throwing tantrums.  I soooooo love a challenge 😛

I made veg fried rice with a stir fry vegetables in almond sauce.  It was divine and all of it got polished off

Yayyy.  The almond sauce was finger licking yummy.  I got the recipe from Tarla Dalal.  Internet is a blessing isn’t it?

Kid#1 is the other cook in the house.  He loves to cook very innovative and adventurous dishes.  They turn out very very delicious.  We had Thai food in the night – yes lots of chicken and prawns.

Kid#2 is a very huge foodie.  As a child he got into a major fight with Kid#1 because he was having the most delicious dream of eating an entire chocolate cake all by himself and Kid#1woke him up.  The way he raved and cried, I swear, one could have mistaken it for a real chocolate cake and not a dream.  He was in heaven and Kid#1 woke him up to reality.  We still laugh about that one.

We were lolling around replete, when DIL’s siblings came on Skype – love the internet!!!  DIL started telling her siblings about the wonderful Sunday she had and the lovely home made meals.  She was positively drooling as she described the items, the sauces ….. droool!

After the call Kid#1 decided to have some fun

Kid#1 : Winking at me : Babe dont you ever want to cook and feed us?

DIL : No, absolutely not!

Kid#1 : Why?

DIL : You and Mom need people to appreciate their efforts too.  Hai Na Chotey???

Kid#2 : Absolutely right Bhabhi!  Let the cookers cook, we know our role … we are the eaters

Laughter all around


21 thoughts on “What's cooking in the Phoenix House

  1. even tho i smiled when i read ‘Let the cookers cook, we know our role’ i have to admit i have made the very same mistake. except i made it in front of some very unforgiving room mates back when i was in the hostel,who teased me relentlessly about it. i have also inadvertently called my poor dad an electrician instead of an electrical engineer once…. so kid #2 isnt alone in slip ups like this!

    He has also called marital martial … not that there is much difference between the two 😉

  2. That’s quite a nice way to spend a sunday. My sunday included a temple visit and some elbows breaking car mirrors, but other than that it was rather uneventful.

    Elbows breaking car mirrors is eventful in my opinion

  3. recipe for that rice please, or better still may i come over for that food, when i am in Delhi next. Please, pretty please?

    Of course – its open house at the Phoenix House, we love to party

  4. lol.. ur kids have a significant role in increasing the BRP (TRP of blog world)of ur blog posts 🙂 and I wish my MIL could sleep beyond the 4 or 5 am’s of the morning.., the lazy me doesn’t even know when she gets up or does she even sleep also? 😛 😛

    LOL, that is so noble of her. I love to sleep late, and then spend the whole Sunday in my PJs. Thank goodness DIL also does the same

  5. lol!!! now almond sauce seems interesting… why dont u send the rec across 🙂

    Go to Tarla Dalal.com and search for Spicy Vegetables in Almond Sauce. I used white wine for the sauce – divine.

  6. I am looking forward for your invitation :)send it soon .:D loved it ..

    Ring me up an hour before you land up – on any chutti. Its a standing invitation for friends

  7. I heart all your family posts 🙂

    True these posts are a lot of fun but also because they are such a statement!!
    And I hereby ahem, officially declare Kid#1 a
    (a loud applause)

    That is truly a compliment. I thank you on behalf of the entire Phoenix household

  8. I still have those drooling dreams whenever I am hungry and I am sleeping n I wish no one wakes me up that time… 😛

    LOL, Kid#2 would be happy to know you

  9. Wow! If such things happen in my house, it will be a dream come true!

    The food we end up eating has made me put on a lot of weight …. wish the fat was a dream sigh!

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