Happy Lohri!!!

Ever wonder what that Lohri song was all about?  You know the one that goes Sundri Mundri Hoye!  I never knew so I went to Googleji.  Here is the fruit of my research ….

The Legend of Dullah Bhatti
On the eve of Lohri the most popular songs sung by groups of boys invariably end with the exclamation ‘ho’:
Sundri Mundri Hei! Hoi!
Tera Kaun Bechara! Hoi!
Dullah Bhatti wala! Hoi!
Dullah Di Dhi viyahi ! Hoi !
Sher ShaKar pai! Hoi!
Kuri de Mamme aaye! Hoi!
UnaNe ChuRi Kuti! Hoi!
Jimidari Lutti! Hoi!
Ik kola GhuT Gaya!
Jimidar Apni……

Since Lohri is also associated with weddings, many Lohri songs are based on the old love story of Dulla Bhatti. This is the tale of a man who rescued a girl from her cruel abductors and adopted her. Finally he arranged for her marriage, as if she were his own daughter. These songs exhort the youth to protect the honor of their sisters and daughters, and punish those who try to dishonor them. Everywhere in Punjab ‘Vars’ (songs) of his heroism and valor are sung and recited.

Amazing ….. here I thought this was an extortion song whereby I used to get a lot of 25p bits from people in the colony which of course went into the noble cause of buying Orange Bars from the friendly neighborhood Ice cream van

Well – one lives and learns.



12 thoughts on “Happy Lohri!!!

  1. ahhh see i published the post on lohri and see the blogroll with urs updated 🙂

    happy lohri… eat some rewadis for me too 🙂

    I did, lots of them. Hope you had your bonfire too

  2. hey I just saw that on Monika’s post ..happy lohri to you sweet one ,your first in the new house .May the house of phoenix always remain what it stands for 🙂

    Thanks Tiku, happy lohri to you too

  3. Oh I never knew that!
    Happy Lohri to you too… though this year I miss out the popcorn n moofli…
    stuck in office 😦 Please have extra for me! 🙂

    LOL, as though I need any encouragement to have all that! Happy Lohri Advitiya

  4. Happy Lohri to you also… I have slight fever and sore throat and may not be join the celebrations in the neighborhood
    … now reading this post I am thinking maybe I should make that effort, and also take some pictures to post tomorrow!!
    Look what having enthusiastic blogging friends does to us!

    Life is a celebration IHM, I am game for a party any time. Go join in and have fun

  5. Happy Lohri

    I remember bonfires and gur papri and popcorn for Lohri- my cousins are half Punjabi, but I never heard the song!
    In the hills it is Uttarayan- the 14ht Jan time- and elsewhere they call it Sankranti, so many different reasons to celebrate the worst of the winter is over.

    Lohri is the signal that worst of the winter is over – tho climate is changing and the worst of the winter hits around late January now

  6. I first came to know about Lohri and tale of Dulla Bhatti when I read “Aitazaz Ahsan” book about the sub-continent and 2nd time I learnt more about it when I watched Veer-Zara…
    it is a very good tradition of Punjab…
    Happy Lohri to all… 🙂

    You actually read about Dulla Bhatti aka Abdullah Bhatti, the Robin Hood of Punjab. Awesome Afaque, here I thought I was the only Kitabi Keeda, who gathers a whole lot of irrelevant knowledge

  7. I was too lazy to do a lohri post. I promised IHM i would, but then i had my bday hangover, heheeh
    next time, its my turn.

    Sure thing, next time I shall do extortion

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