This is too ironical

Google is advertising L K Advani for PM on my blog!!!

It would be funny if I did not have my entire being in uproar over the fact. My children are finding my anger too funny.  But seriously guys I think the Google crawlers should have more sense.

I am secular, I am democratic and I believe that every one’s God is the same and He/She created all men and dogs equal.  Scratch that – dogs are higher beings and they have a heaven.  They dont discriminate against other dogs because of colour or shape of their ears.  We do. Also because they are capable of true and selfless love and faithfulness.

If you see L K Advani on my blog, I did not put him there.  My stupid adsense has.  Bad Google – not only does it give me a piddly $2 for a year’s blogging, it even makes me out to be a rabid Hindutva type.

Was not going to blog – but this ad made me do so.

I will vote for Obama, so eat your heart out Advani.

Remember that loser Naqvi?  I emailed that letter to the BJP office and got no reply – not even an acknowledgement.  I was inclined to ignore that thinking that maybe they are not net savvy.  Now I am offended.  They can advertise on blogs but cant reply to a citizen?

Any way

Jai Ho Obama kee

Baaki sab bakwas


15 thoughts on “This is too ironical

  1. 🙂

    I wish we had such a strong politician here too! (Obama I mean!)

    Abhi toh, let us see what he does when he is in office. Too early to make judgements

  2. Hehehe! Calm down!
    Did i read about his blog on your blog? If so then it might have picked it up from that. Or if someone commented on that. AdSense picks words from your blog and displays relevant ads. This post is likely to generate more! 🙂

    Ewwww, Hindutva types are invading my space 😦

  3. Ritu ji,

    You are not the only one. Advani has invaded quite a few cyber spaces. Looks like BJP is all gungho about it.

    An activist friend from Mumbai told me that all Mittal, ambani and tata have endorsed Narendra Modi for PM. How are people reacting to it?

    People dont react unless their own pants are on fire … that is the tragedy of it all

  4. Hey Ritu now you know why I HEART this blog 🙂

    I have been noticing his blog being advertised too …

    But what I love the best is
    ‘dogs are higher beings and they have a heaven. They dont discriminate against other dogs because of colour or shape of their ears.’
    LOL 🙂
    I agree ‘He/She created all men and dogs equal’!

    Thank you IHM. Truly value this compliment

  5. :)…y do people hate advani so much?? He makes such cool caricatures… 😛 …no really, whenever i’m like really bored, i go through my his caricatures on my drawing book.

    Abhishek, so did Hitler … but he almost wiped out a race of humans. Zara socho … how much potential for damage unchecked fundamentalism has

  6. lol! I second Abhishek. Half of my friends who draw make caricatures of Advani. And yes, I’m not an Advani advocate either. He’s the McCain of India for heaven’s sake.

    Oh yes, he is

  7. Maybe they are trying to get some converts, you know people who are shocked by your un-Bhartiya ways..( he he)

    I should start jumping up and down screaming CONSPIRACY AND SABOTAGE 😛


  8. “Dogs are higher beings and they have a heaven. They dont discriminate against other dogs because of colour or shape of their ears.”


    Hope we can do away with all these religion and caste based parties.

    I so agree with that

  9. Oh Ritu
    Adsense is just a drama… it even picks word from the comments people publish on your content and even from the blogrolls…
    so no worries… 😛

    Hmm so I am learning ……

  10. LK Adwani needs his bums to be eaten up by dog, a superior being.
    I know i m being wicked,,, but then you have this impact on me.
    You are spoiling me.

    No sweetheart, I am “educating you and making you worldly wise” hehehhe

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