Of kids and worms

When I was a kid, I thought the world owed me much, just because I got born in it.  This feeling had much to do with the fact that I was the only girl, and made much of by my grandparents, who I had conned into thinking that I was a saintly doll.   At the slightest hint of opposition water-works would start.  I kid you not, I had mastered the art of looking ever so pretty crying.  A slight pout, watering of the eye, a delicate and excellently timed sniffle, and dabbing the tear with a lacy kerchief.  Of course all opposition melted.

My parents were less impressed.  My father even went to the extent of complimenting me on MY ONLY FEMININE ACCOMPLISHMENT as he called it.  Humph.  He also gave me a book with this poem that he dedicated to his darling daughter, the drama queen.  Bloghopping today I found it on Sue’s blog, Thank you Sue

Nobody Loves Me

Nobody loves me,
Everybody hates me,
I think I’ll go and eat worms.

Big fat squishy ones,
Little thin skinny ones,
See how they wriggle and squirm.

Bite their heads off.
“Schlurp!” they’re lovely,
Throw their tails away.

Nobody knows
How big I grows
on worms three times a day.

Lovely isn’t it?  It just describes the “much misunderstood poor me” act kids love to put on.  I used it liberally on my two kids who hate the poem.  They would throw such tantrums when their eggs would be runny, or they would have to drink their milk or even not be given two wheelers before they turned 18.  Oh I would not get mad, or stressed …. I’d just start reciting this poem

Nobody loves me

Every body hates me

I think I’ll eat some worms

Hey, I am lucky they grew up to be normal.  Otherwise they would have gone into therapy and billed the expense to me.

Then I would have been reciting this poem.


22 thoughts on “Of kids and worms

  1. Only feminine accomplishment 🙂 lol!!!
    Reciting this to your kids!! rofl!!
    Thanks for the laugh Ritu! 🙂

    LOL I had a hoydenish girlhood. I still do recite it when their tantrums become too self centred

  2. I second Allytude! I always have a list ready in case of emergencies! 🙂

    Hahahaha, good for you! Should I start cultivating worms? – seems to be a good business op.!


  3. LOL!! 🙂

    I agree.. the water works work! heh!
    But, its been almost a yr now and hubby ain’t impressed anymore!! Humph.
    and my mom used to always recite this – in a slightly varied version and in Kannada to me and my sis when we used to throw tantrums – she for drinking milk and me for eating vegetables like brinjal!

    Ahhh she seems to be from my school of thought

  4. haha that was a very good one! I’d never heard that poem before, I hope I remember it few years later, will be much needed then 😀

    Snow this poem should be added in the manual of parenting

  5. Ha ha, unfortunately, the girls around me cried only when they were spanked by their moms, with us, they would respond in an eye for an eye manner 😀

    Tears are only to be employed to get your own way, even though you know you are being unreasonable. Combat is last resort. This is Ma Ritu’s voice of experience speaking

  6. Ha ha i love this poem. Had recited it for my poem competetion in class 5th…obviously i didn win but i do get kicks thinking of it now. ..

    Yeah, I love the poem too. Pity about your not winning though

  7. you have mastered the art of humor my lady .lol it brought back my childhood and after many days the inner child felt at home .gracias

    You are welcome Tikuli

  8. U had a real smart dad….

    this brought a real big smile…and being an only daughter in a BIG family I know only too well how easy its to be a spoilt brat….guess have my cousins to thank for the way i turned out…

    Me too!!!

  9. LOL, I still use this to wheedle my way thru the family…esp the elder siblings
    🙂 🙂

    Did your siblings get impressed?! Mine never did. I guess I better find some worms

  10. The version I grew up with went:

    “Nobody loves me,
    Everybody hates me,
    So I’ll feed on worms!

    Big fat squishy ones,
    Little thinny skinny ones,
    See how they wriggle and squirm.

    I’ll bite off their heads
    And suck in their juices

    ‘Cos nobody loves me
    Everybody hates me!”

    This version is also good

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