5 things Mom never told you about men

1. Men have feelings, they just dont know how to express them

Men are more sensitive than women, and they have no training whatsoever.  They don’t learn to read and manipulate feelings as early and as well as women do, so when they do feel things, their feelings tend to be more intense and less filtered by conditioning and the expectations of others. To make it all worse they have often been taught to pretend as if nothing is happening. So when you get into the “We need to talk,” thing, just dont t talk. Listen. Chances are he won’t be able to say it in the words you would, but you will be able to interpret it well

2. Men really really care about food

You know the old saying about how to please a man (Show up naked, bring food) is not too far off the mark. Sometimes, he would just love to have the food instead of the sexy babe.  When you are young, you can get away with not knowing how to cook …. but later on, it becomes an important skill in your “how to keep your man” repertoire.  If you dont know how to cook, keep a few good take-away places phone numbers on fast dial.

3. Men dont confuse love with sex

This is the stupid sort of thing women do.  If a man wants to have sex with you, it does not mean love or affection.  It means he has the itch for you, and men are capable of having that itch for women they simply cant stand also.  If a man can come to you when he is in trouble or depend on you, or look sheepishly and say “Babe I busted the credit card” or “Babe, I know you are mad at me but …….” he loves you.

4. Men can smell desperation

They have this primal instinct.  You never meet a good man when you want to, but when you are in a great relationship, or when you are in the “I hate all men” phase after a bad break-up, or if you are dressed in tatty T shirts and worn out jeans, you will meet a dream-boat.  Even if you are in a great relationship, it is wise to have an independant social life, hobbies and stuff going around.  That makes you hard-to-get and interesting.  He gets competitive for your attention

Men make bad pets

He is not a toy, and he is not Paris Hilton’s lap dog on display.  Men can not be trained or changed in any way.  Consider this, Paris Hilton’s dog wont scratch its crotch in public or hump her best friend’s leg.  If your man is unhappy, he can do that or more.  So, if you don’t actually like a man, don’t haul him all over town just to show him off. It won’t be long before that goes very, very badly for you.


21 thoughts on “5 things Mom never told you about men

  1. LOL Phoenixritu Not the food bit … I can tell you from personal experience, my husband and I are both not much into food – unless you count health food.
    And we both enjoy cooking our kind of food 🙂

    Aha, but into health food alright 😛

  2. Oh, come on, when girls say, “we need to talk” it almost sounds like the good old principal in my school who used to call me once a week and say, “come to my office.” It the ultimate red signal which simply means, “I need to complain” and lets “fight.” I really hope they could say something like, “Darling, can you help me with the hair” and slowly talk it out 🙂

    Nice post. Keep blogging!!

    Proves my point LOL

  3. well loved ur 4th point..
    all of us girls shud just rote it n remeber it always…..;))))

    Yeah absolutely

  4. Very true, especially about the desperation one and the food one.

    Here in the U.S. we say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

    That is true

  5. ROFL… Sometimes, moms do say; if not in detail, some hints…

    Of course, friends Do say 😀

    My mom did not … but I always thought she never understood men

  6. Mom told me very, very different things. Most of it is censored stuff not because its dirty but because its already airing on saas-bahu serials! 🙂

    But good post! Am forwarding to all the guys I know. They should know someone has hit the nail on the head 🙂

    There is another point I am adding to this post : Men like porn

  7. Hai re…this is awesome. Such well thoughtout post. All girls should read this at the eligible age.

    Wish someone had given me this list when I was younger

  8. Ahh what would I do without the man in my life,
    what would I do without your advice, girl…

    LOL I am grateful for your appreciation, I am sure Mahesh is likewise

  9. ok this is SO FREAKIN’ true! Yes they sure as hell do not confuse sex with love. I can relate the most to this since it is the recent most in my chronology of events with men!

    And of course all of the rest out there is true too. 😀

    Yeah, that is something women do. Sigh!!

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