And I am a unique piece of work

As a kid I wanted to be a model when I grew up.  The brothers I grew up with rolled on the dirt floor, laughed their stupid guts out and promptly made me a crown of guava leaves with which they crowned me and called me AJOOBA …. which means “Unique” if you are kind, “Freak” if you are unkind.

They of course meant Freak!!!!! Humph!  Boys!!!!

I guess they were not too far off the mark.  Pretty astute for pre-teen and teen boys full of pimples and toilet humor.


I have been awarded folks!

Iconoclast (or is it 1conoclast?) has presented me with this award

1conoclast’s Best Original Humour Award 2008 goes to: Phoenixritu
What can I say?!
This is blogosphere’s permission to me to clown around and do what I do best : Simply be ME
This world is a pretty grim place, best taken with dash of humour, a bit of honey and a twist of lemon.
Thank you 1conoclast, I shall strive to do my best to continue to be the
Clown of Blogosphere,

18 thoughts on “And I am a unique piece of work

  1. Congratulations then, Ms Ajooba!! Why don’t you translate for the comfort of your international readers. Maybe I’ll do it for you!
    AJOOBA = Wonder

    Naah, as per them Ajooba meant unique or a freak

  2. Congratulations!!! I too wanted to be a model but ended up with the title of Drama Mama instead. lol 🙂

    Me too. Its more fun, I can eat chocolate and yummy food, not live on two leaves of lettuce a day. Plus get to be drama mama

  3. Hey Congrats Ritu!

    The ‘Freak’ definitely deserves this 🙂 I was kidding…..!

    I have wanted to be a model, an archaeologist, a treasure hunter, an architect and what not while growing up!!! Guess that makes me also a freak!

    Not a panwaari? I wanted to be that too

  4. congrats!!! u have done this post in ur style too Ms. Ajooba 😉

    BTW Ajooba also reminds me of Mr. Bachan and he reminds me of u too :):)

    Ewwww, Mr. Bacchhan has become fake. He’s lost touch with reality …. I hope I am grounded Monika

  5. It is very easy to make people cry so I think the ones who can bring smile to anybody’s face is unique and that in a very good way 🙂

    Congratulations Ritu!

    Thank you …. truly value this comment

  6. LOL!!!

    Congratulations dear! An award truly deserved!
    and yes, you are unique! 🙂
    (Not a freak! :P)

    “This world is a pretty grim place, best taken with dash of humour, a bit of honey and a twist of lemon.”

    – I totally loved this line and it’s so true and right! 🙂

    Its true sigh its true

  7. Congratulations!!!! Open the baatli! Let’s celebrate the teenage way! Let’s get drunk! 🙂

    That is not the teenage way – that is the Irish way …. and I am Irish 😀

  8. Even if your brothers meant freak, i would take it as a compliment.
    Any teenager or pre teen worth his salt would not call anyone a freak unless they like them. Its their way of saying, “You are not that bad.”

    They still love to pull my leg (and the oldest is nearing sixty!) …. siblings are such a treat to have! I’ll have ’em well-done

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