We are like this only Part II

We women can fly planes

We women can defend our country

We women can go into outer space : I think a link would be unnecessary here

We can be surgeons, or even an autorickshaw driver

But we can not sit in a pub and drink!!!  Weird.

Why? Because our illiterate moral police thinks so ….

Sita used to drink and even had a favorite tipple as per a historian who has read the ancient books.

Who are these thugs and their political idiotic mentors trying to protect?  Us women?  Which culture are they professing to defend?

Or are they running scared at the sight of emancipated independent women and hiding behind their Daddy’s dhoti?

Maybe they have erectile dysfunction at the sight of independent women

Or may be they are plain jealous of the aaj kal ki aurat jaat


14 thoughts on “We are like this only Part II

  1. They are perverts and nothing else… eunuchs would be better then them. Wonder why they wouldnt take on the male druggers and drinkers….

    perhaps worried they would get as good as they give so these idiots pick up soft targets to make a name for themselves and hog limelight nothing else….

    The most shameful thing for our country is the girls are not ready to come in camera and complaint… the government is being given a great compliment by these females about how good the security in our country is…

    I wonder why no minister wants to put his hands in this ??

    again perhaps this is not a vote bank…

    pathetic state of affairs really !!!

    I agree, pathetic

  2. http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?sectionName=RSSFeed-views&id=26581d28-7579-4dc7-9952-c485c22bfa69&MatchID1=4907&TeamID1=8&TeamID2=6&MatchType1=2&SeriesID1=1238&PrimaryID=4907&Headline=Even+Sita+enjoyed+a+tipple+or+two.+Why+can%E2%80%99t+I%3f

    Something I came across, where culture and tradition can not be blamed! They better start owning up!

    That is the link I put up in my post. Great, it needs to be put up every where … this fact needs to be highlighted

  3. As I told RWS, they might also be jealous they can’t handle their drink as well as us.

    Uneducated morons.

    No, they are jealous because we dont need their permission, actually any one’s permission to drink

  4. I think the last three are all true. They can’t stand the fact that women ‘the inferior sex’ are getting ahead of them and do not need them to survive anymore. Ugh… its just sick!

    So true

  5. I think they are purely frussst…since they had nothing worthwhile to do and since these modern hip women were in any sort of way were going to go out with them…they had to do something to bring them into limelight

    Today the neta says he is proud that he generated so much news for his party

  6. LOL at the last 3 lines! It sums up the whole issue very correctly!
    Yea.. they are uneducated morons with zero tolerance and huge insecurities…

    Yeah ….

  7. Now we know that their purpose of all the haggle was the coming election. I’m so happy that goons like this are behind bars and the very politics they tried to take the support of, have put them under scrutiny with the banner of democratic equality hoo-ha

    Keep blogging! I’m blog rolling you…

    Honoured Biju

  8. Yupp about the last three lines.

    All this isn’t good for our mental health. I am sure this will give me hypertension 😦

    Chill IHM, we need to be cool and express our thoughts. Getting hypertension will not help our fight

  9. For that statement about Sita, you could be “corrupting morals” . These people do not care about what “used to” happen. They just care about what they think is the truth. Thats all.

    I dont mind. I’d rather be a bad influence and speak the truth.

  10. As dewdropdream said – I totally think they cant handle their drink as well as us. And yes, they get an erectile dysfunction and they suffer from the worst order of inferiority complex.

    I am furious somehow at this moment and so will not pollute your blog 😛 I’ll go vent out elsewhere!

    Happy blogging!

    Welcome to my blog Jinu

  11. These idiots are insisting that India is a Hindu Nation!!! I don’t understand what that means? Considering that ours has been a nation of different religions. And using Hinduism to pursue their own chauvinistic and cheap agenda is just too much. Apparently the only way to really bring a woman down is to attack her dignity and these jerks are exactly doing that! Whats worse now they claim they wont allow Valtentine’s day celebrations and are proud of what they have done!! Wish they can just be put in front of a shooting squad with women holding the guns!

    This is a democracy, and we women comprise of more than 50% of the country. Where is the government and the law?

  12. Since you mention Sita, I’d like to mention, she was probably the first feminist (which is not to say that drinking = feminism or vice versa). We all know how she turned out by her husband. What’s noteworthy is that when he realised his mistake and wanted her to come back, she refused. She sent her sons but did not go back to the man – also the king – because he CHOSE to have her back!

    So true. Glad you pointed it out

  13. My wife’s niece was there when the incident took place. She says they were a bunch of illiterate rascals who were simply jealous of “western culture” in which they (the assholes) are complete misfits 😀

    And I tend to agree with her opinion.

    So do I Ravin

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