Citizen Action by bloggers

I got a letter from our very own IHM, and decided to do my bit about this isssue instead of sitting on my backside moaning about the system.  We are the system truly

I decided to given this website very evocatively named Never Forget 26.11.08 some international webbie love

I request you all to visit the article so that it stays on the top and google can get to it.

I also request you all to visit the website and do your bit for our country.

Thanks 1conoclast, it is a tres magnifique effort.


9 thoughts on “Citizen Action by bloggers

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  2. Thanks a bunch for doing this Ritu! We must all spread the word!

    You’re the second best Ritu I know!
    Pehli meri Biwi hai! ;-D

    LOL We Ritus are priceless

    Err… since you like humour so much, you will hopfully appreciate my suggestion that you should attempt to reword your “View My Stats” link.

    Good suggestion : will attend to it

    PS: ALERT!!! Advani banner showing on your site! You may want to change some settings in your Google Ads login…

    Damn the old …., gotta do something about it

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