Fresh Material for Ekta Kapoor

43 year old Chander Mohan, son of former Haryana Chief Minister Bhajan Lal, and the Deputy Chief Minsiter of the same state goes underground for 3 months.

He resurfaces as Chand Mohammad, married to the Additional Advocate General of Haryana, Anuradha Bali who has also converted into Islam and is named Fiza

They both lose everything for love, their influential positions.  He gets disowned by his embarassed family (I think he lost more), and in any case he is in deep shit with his wife and grown children.

They put on a brave front and smile for the cameras.  P.S. The lady is very very good looking.

Reality settles in.  I suppose once the euphoria died down and he realized the cost of this step, he wanted to back-step.  They have a passionate fight, he walks out, she overdoses on some pills in a bid to commit suicide.

She is rushed to the hospital.  Her new hubby is nowhere to be seen.  Once she recovers, she holds a tearful press conference telling people that he has broken her heart and her trust – dammit she looks lovely and brave fighting tears.  News is that he has gone to first wife to make up.

Today Chander Mohan aka Chand Mohammad is in the news saying he loves her dearly but “respects” his first wife too.

Ekta my dear …. are you following this real life drama?

My suggestions for the soap

1. Fiza (yeah, it sounds more lovely than Anuradha) has a great future.  Enter mentor to boost her morale up …. A Whoopie Goldberg kind of character

2. Dont make her a Tulsi kind of person.  She does not have that steel.  Make her sweet (capitalize on that smile honey).  Get her a book deal on her life.  She can go on shows and stuff – beauty bhi toh kaam aaye

3. The ‘wronged woman thing” does not have long innings.  She could get a career path with some Naari Manch or the National Commission for Women …. but its boring.  However if she plays her cards right – a movie by someone like Mahesh Bhatt?  Ekta, you could get someone to play her sympathiser while giving her a movie deal, what say?

4. I saved this one for the last – because here is what I would do if I were writing this saga

  • She is neither married nor un-married
  • She is neither Hindu nor Muslim

I would make her a religious guru kind of person.  She has classy beauty, a natural flamboyance and great skin that does not need too much make up.  As a guru for women, she would come out beautiful.  She can campaign against the Hindu fundamentalists, the Muslim fundamentalists.

Lady don’t cry – you have a great life ahead of you.

All hail our leader, the woman scorned


Disclaimer : I am not a political person, nor do I have anything against the people involved.  They chose to live their personal life in front of the media.  I am just a spectator with opinions.


8 thoughts on “Fresh Material for Ekta Kapoor

  1. reading this and looking at my friend’s joint family, i really think Ekta Kapoor doesnt always produce shitty entertainment.

    I find her stuff over-the-top and shitty – but that’s just me. I hate the camera angles and the drum+guitar thingy that happens. But she does base it on reality

  2. I know…

    Ekta had said once in a press conference – she is showing the slightly exaggerated version of reality!!!
    And this is happening – I wrote about my friend who is in an abusive marriage but gives excuses saying he is “working hard” and “his thoughts are different”…

    Not slightly exaggerated – very very exaggerated!!!

  3. I guess much more is truly drawn from real life for these K serials than what we truly see.

    Heard quite a few stories to see the connection, and where its not there these serials ensure those families also start with the drama soon after!


  4. Point-4 made me ROFL. Well-written. Real-life soap indeed.

    As if the recession were not enough to be anxious about…we have all sorts of other crazy issues creeping up. Satyam, Mangalore, and incidents such as these.

    But hey, this keeps us all busy :-0

    Recession, Mangalore and Satyam make me anxious and angry. This is entertaining! Oops I am such a heartless bitch, sorry! Nah!

  5. I have been wondering if Fiza Anuradha will join politics next ?
    All Hindu & all Muslim votes, and all women’s votes too.

    I thought so too …. but women on sympathy votes and naari issues do not go far

  6. ekta kapoor should never reproduce. 😦

    LOL Roop, consider this, she keeps all the regressive types hooked to the idiot box and out of our faces ….

  7. Guess Ekie babes will ignore it once and for all. But if lady fiza donns some jewellery, Eks might be interested.

    I would not be surprised if she does base a serial on this – just change it from political to industrialist families

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