The random tag game

I have been tagged by Tikuli and Sue to do this at Facebook, and lazy bum that I am I figure it would make a good blog post and will show up on FB any way.  Here goes ………..

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. I hate dieting.  I am a foodie and I swear pizzas and chocolate haunt me in my waking and sleeping moments taunting me and teasing me when I diet

2. I love watching music chanels on TV, and those music shows – both American and Indian idol, Sa Re Ga Ma

3. I love Abhay Deol’s movies.  He is the only kaam ka Deol

4. I like to write … always.

5. I love flowers, you can bribe me with them

6. You can bribe me with good food and alcohol too

7. I hate seeing kids being bullied – I get so mad that I could do something violent against the perps.

8. I cant see animals being mistreated either

9. I am deeply suspicious of medicines.  I prefer to self medicate on herbs and stuff.

10. I am totally happy in my own company.  I love me

11. I like wearing simple comfy clothes, decking up is painful

12. I am always short of sleep – can’t get enough

13. I sleep diagonally on my bed – dont ask me why, I just do

14. I am so happy I am nearly 50, I go around blaming every lapse on my old age

15. I use age as an excuse to forget anything I dont want to do

16. I dont wear make up – not even lipstick.  Not even when I was young.  I really have to be bullied into wearing some.

17. I stock up tissues.  I need a box in every corner of my room …. home

18. I drive like a woman, slow, erratic and talking on my cellphone

19. I am looking for subjects to write on, every minute of my life

20. I love bold colours, all the chatak ones, the bolder the better

21. I want to stop coloring my hair, but my sons refuse to let me

22. I have no notion of money management or sensible future planning

23. Life to me is an adventure – cant live carefully

24. I dont know how to tie a saree

25. If any one takes away my laptop and internet and I will commit murder

I tag everyone to do this, its fun


11 thoughts on “The random tag game

  1. Please consider your laptop and internet confiscated.

    Now cud u possibly direct your angst against a certain Monsieur Pramod Mutalik? He promises to be roaming the streets of Bangalore upcoming Valentines Day.

    (Upon successfully completing your assignment, simply code in “KHALLAS” within the comment section of this post and u’ll receive a MacBook Air along with a 2MBPS internet connection free for life)

    Already did : so KHALLAS

  2. This sounds like a lotta fun! Will do it as soon as possible!
    Oh and I hate dieting too! 🙂 bring on the chocolate is my motto!

    One of my friends has this as her slogan on her chat “If nothing works, at least there is chocolate” LOL I so agree

  3. A lot of things in common including, watching music programmmes, Abhay Deol, loving one’s own company…. tra-la-la!
    Enjoyed your 25 facts about yourself.

    Thanks Shail

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