Say no to moral policing

I got a link early this morning to a wonderful effort being made by a blogger in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi and did my bit to publicise this effort.

We have to take a stand against this Talibanising of our culture by hooligans.  I found Union Minister Renuka Choudhary’s suggestion quite interesting.

I have never thought that Valentine’s Day is special.  It is just a whole lot of sugar products and over-priced roses being marketed by retailers.  But dammit I defend every one’s moral right to celebrate it the way they deem fit.

So this Valentine’s Day, I am gonna take me to a pub, and raise a toast against moral policing.

Gives me two wonderful things to do

1. Drink

2. Thumb a nose at the regressive types.



17 thoughts on “Say no to moral policing

  1. I dont drink and we dont celebrate the valentine’s day much either… but my wife just came up with a suggestion that maybe we should go to a pub and have a coke on 14th…

    I guess you devils think alike.. lol…

    People must oppose this and not sit at home !

    Yes, we ought to be out there – so that this goondagardi does not flourish

  2. I’m so glad somebody of Renuka Chaudhary’s stature had taken a stand on this. Love her!

    Finally a politician standing up for the right sort of fight

  3. Yay! Yay!!
    I also don’t drink and I don’t much care for Valentines Day, but I support this fight for our equality and our freedom to live our lives at our own terms.

    We are going out and drinking fruit juice, and I am wearing noodle straps.
    I support PUB BHARO ANDOLAN.

    Watch out Shiv Sena or Ram Sena or whatever!!! Here we come

  4. Oh yes! We have a party planned out that night too! 😀
    But, its gonna be a huge group of people than just the 2 of us!! 🙂

    The point is to not be scared of them. We cant let them scare us into hiding in our houses. Bullies need to be stood up to

  5. This time I thought I will bake a cake for K ( God save him after that!), but I think I will now add some rum in it just to show….what if we cant drink alcohol, we can always eat it!

    LOL Clueless, wear noodle straps too

  6. Just told mahesh that if he attempts a public kiss somewhere, they will marry me and him again. He said, the more times the better.
    Mr Mutalik, do you hear? We r gonna kiss in public. Hehehe.

    LOL, poor Mutalik, he must be wondering how to get out of the situation he has created

  7. There is a small error in a minister endorsing this.

    The idea of “Pub Bharo” is very nice. But can Renuka Choudhary guarantee the security of the people who go pubbing on Valentine’s Day?

    “Pub Bharo” is better as a citizen initiative, but the concept can be turned on it’s head if it is directly endorsed by a Union minister.

    The point is that she cant! And if anything untoward happens, it will start a bloody backlash against the regressive types … I foresee interesting times.

  8. A very good initiative. We need to teach these goons a lesson. The most important thing is that we shouldn’t give these goons the media attention they crave for. The more we publicize them, the more they crave for publicity.

  9. Hello, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I stumbled onto the pink chaddes campaign when surfing the Net. I hope the campaign against violence toward women will have sucess. Here in Ohio a teenage girl is campaigning to have a law passed that teens of either gender could have juvenile court judges issue restraining orders against acquaintances/dates who become abusive (stalking, hitting ect). Right now teenagers have no such protective laws in our state, only adults have the protection.

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