The Consortium of Pub Going Loose and Forward Women

I love it when citizen protest raises valid points.  I love it even more when it becomes inventive and uses humour.  There is nothing better than sending a message across with a smile, and it is even better when you laugh.  As a weapon laughter is bang on target.  I joined the Consortium on Face Book because I like the idea of women uniting against the pub incident.

Hmmmm, okay!  I also joined because I like being considered loose and forward at 50 – its quite Mata Hari sorts.  At my age dahlin, its a compliment 😉

These girls have launched quite an innovative program.  I got a mail today which I am copy+pasting

Dear All,

You may have heard of the Pink Chaddi Campaign that kicked off three days ago to oppose the Sri Ram Sena. The campaign is growing exponentially (1,300 at this point in the life of our Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women) and that is not surprising. Most women in this country have enough curbs on their lives without a whole new franchise cashing in with their bully-boy tactics. Of course, a lot of men have joined the group as well.

Here is we want to do with the Pink Chaddi Campaign. Join in. Be imaginative, have fun and fight back!

Step 1: It does not matter that many of us have not thought about Valentine’s Day since we were 13. If ever. This year let us send the Sri Ram Sena some love. Let us send them some PINK CHADDIS.

Look in your closet or buy them cheap. Dirt-cheap. Make sure they are PINK. Send them off to the Sena.

The address to send the package is:
Pramod Muthalik,
Chief Bully Boy, Sri Rama Sena,
#11, Behind New Bus Stand, Gokhul Road, Near Lakshmi Park,
HUBLI – Karnataka

If you don’t want to mail it yourself, you can drop it off at the Chaddi Collection Points. We will be collecting across the country through this week and sending the packages on February 12. More information about Chaddi Collectors in your city soon on our blog:

Step 2: Send the Pink Chaddi Campaign a photograph of the package.

Tell us how many chaddis you are sending out and inspire other women in other cities. You can either mail the information here or you can mail it at our facebook address.

Step 3: On Valentine’s Day we do a Pub Bharo action. Go to a pub wherever you are. From Kabul to Chennai to Guwahati to Singapore to LA women have signed up. It does not matter if you are actually not a pub-goer or not even much of a drinker. Let us raise a toast (it can be juice) to Indian women. Take a photo or video. We will put it together (more on how later) and send this as well to the Sri Ram Sena.

Step 4: After Valentine’s Day we should get some of our elected leaders to agree that beating up women is ummm… AGAINST INDIAN CULTURE.

For right now, ask not what Dr VS Acharya, Home Minister of Karnataka can do for you. Ask what you can do for him. Here is his blog. Send him some love.
For the Pink Chaddi Campaign

Tell me, how can I simply not support such actions.  If I dont have pink chaddis, I’ll buy a few for the cause!

Do visit the blog and support us.

13 thoughts on “The Consortium of Pub Going Loose and Forward Women

  1. I am doing a post on that…my younger sis is actually one of them who started this… on the facebook group u would see her in the inspectors… isha…i am actually proud of her

    Monika, I am also v proud of this effort. Tell Isha to get in touch with Allytude. There must be something women living abroad can do

  2. How do I support this? I am here in the USA. Can I send pictures of pink chaddis?

    Monika’s sister is one of the brave women who started this. She could guide you

  3. @Monika I am so proud of your sister!!!! And proud to know you! This is wonderful 🙂

    @Ritu I love this I am also a proud, pub going, loose, bold and forward woman 🙂
    Let me make a parcel to send !

    Yeah, pink is mah color baybi!!!

  4. Th chaddis are forever is so catchy- I can imagine repeating it

    Ritu, lets do a “virtual” pink chaddi thing- can we? please? we will post up pics of pink chaddis on out blogs- and the pink chaddis are forever thing

    Yes, I am planning to put the logo as a widget on my blog

  5. This is good. Just do it girls!! Did I hear 1300? This is not enough! I tried speaking to my younger sister and she wouldn’t hear of it and “shutup’ed” me. My elder sister agreed to send but she’s in US and it may take time

    Do let us know what the men could do (?) Please don’t say pink (they simply don’t make them pink in color for us)

    I’m there to support any way I can..

    Wow! This is cool!

  6. LOL!! 😀

    this is way too cool for not supporting!
    I received this email too and of course will be supporting it! 🙂

    😀 We have nothing to lose but our pink chaddis!!!

  7. I love the logo! I think I’ll print it out and put it all over office! And I lowe the pink chaddi bit. I’m thinking of raiding sarojni nagar of its g-strings! 🙂

    ps- since your blogroll is not working, plz check mine. its sumtin speshul 🙂

    I loved your ad campaign. Put a widget of the logo in your blog. I am trying to figure out how to do that

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  9. Hi all you women folks out there.. bravo.. cheers.. do give the ass-holes ram sena a kick on their butt.. wipe them out of bangalore for ever. why only pink chaddis.. these goons are not worthy of clean undies give them everything .. soiled torn spoilt blacks browns blues old stuff.. along with the pink ones.. but give them in plenty … in 10,000, 20,000 50,000 so that they hide their faces in shame all their life in those chaddis.. sorry for the language gals but keep it up fight back and when you fight hit the rascals hard!!! your supporter from mumbai

    Thanks for the support Sridhar. Please register yourself at the website link given. We need men to support our fight against the saffron and khaki chaddis

  10. I recommend that instead of couriering him the chaddis (which he can surreptiously burn later on, or publicly claiming inspiration from our freedom movement), we hand-deliver them to him. Whole garlands of them. With police protection of course.
    Track him down, wherever he is, office, home, Jaipur! Wherever he is hiding! Challenge him to receive them himself if he is a man! These types normally respond to such lalkaars!
    And the handover, garlanding etc. should happen in full view of media cameras! Hang a lacy pink panty from every window & lampost in Hubli & Mangalore!!!
    Bharat mein mooh kaala karne ka tradition hai, let’s paint his face pink!!!

    LOL, yeah one should. You know the girls are now getting threats! There is no limit to what level these assholes can sink

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