And the voting is on …..

The country is having a poll dance and an interim budget

I’ll give em a pass for the award to display in a widget

I have been shortlisted as one of the best Mumbai Bloggers

I live in the NCR but forget that, It don’t matter

I write this verse today, some happy goodwill to float

Because ’tis more fun this way to beg for your keemti vote

I like to play and grin, I like to destress by having fun

The world’s grim these days, like the tip of a smoking gun

We lost trillions of bucks to some creative e-CON-omy

No one knows who robbed us of that huge sum of money

Did the netas take it, or has the stock exchange swallowed it?

No one can answer that one, the whole world’s been hit

I kept thinking if something’s lost, someone has to find it!

Now who’s got the moolah? Who’s the thief, the con behind it?

Then I realized that the truth has been completely glossed

This e-CON-omy slow down is a lie, we didn’t have the money we lost!!

Forget finance, its better to be the best Mumbai blogger

Its real and I can display it on my blog minus fuss and bother!


22 thoughts on “And the voting is on …..

  1. Hope you win. I’ve added to your tally.

    NCR, Mumbai, what difference does it make? It’s the same country. National Integration and all that.


    Quirky Indian

    Ahh Quirky, they did not think so …..

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