Am no longer in the competition

Got this mail from the Admin

Unfortunately, we have found out that you don’t have much association with Mumbai apart from having visited 3-4 times and some of your relatives staying here. You haven’t really stayed here long or studied or worked in Mumbai.

So we have to remove your blog from the competition. We are extrememly sorry for this. We enjoyed reading your blog and we will continue to do so.


Heck – it was fun being in the competition for a while. I liked the rush


Never mind – more arenas await


14 thoughts on “Am no longer in the competition

  1. so much for honesty eh, oh well, you’re still a winner, we all know that 🙂 how about go on to start a Delhi Blogger Award or something 😀 that would be fun

    I work round the clock … not got the time to organise one ..
    Heyyyy blogosphere – any one interested?

  2. Awww shucks….

    Anyways big deal, you were leading!~ There are quite a few Delhi bloggers too, why not do a Delhi Blog Award?

    Yeah! But we should have an all India thingy yaar!

  3. Mumbai too small an arena for champions… may be in the contest for the world or should i say universe.. ???

    Chane ke ped pe !!! lol….

    Universe sounds good – only we have to base ourselves in the planets that have chocolate ….. cant survive otherwise!

  4. entirely their loss …you got nothing to loose ..the lime light awaits you at many other places and you remain the best as far as my vote is concerned

    Thanks Tikuli

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