Slumdog wins


Best Picture : Slumdog

Directing : Slumdog

Music (Song) : Slumdog

Music (Score) : Slumdog

Film Editing : Slumdog

Sound Mixing : Slumdog

Cinematography : Slumdog

Writing (Screenplay) : Slumdog

As they say in Punjabi : Rabji deonda hai teh chappar phar kar

Translation : When God gives, the bounty tears up the thatched roof while coming into your house

And as they say in 21st Century : Agar Chappar nahin pakki chat hai, to khidki darwaze todkar deta hai

Translation : And if there is a cemented roof, the bounty breaks open the doors and windows

Seems like India was in Season.Β  8 Oscars for Slumdog, One for Smile Pinki

The Indian Film Industry was doing good, but somehow needed a validation nod from the Oscars.Β  I think there will be a lot of jubilation and a whole lot of jealousy and debates like

“Is Slumdog an Indian Movie?”

“Is this Poverty Porn?”

“If we did Slumdog in Bollywood, it would not have featured in Oscars”

We love to debate, and quibble dont we

Pinki will just have to be happy with her smile … she’s gonna be totally eclipsed

DVD insert


9 thoughts on “Slumdog wins

  1. Its a pretty good movie.. I liked it…

    What i didnt like was the fuss bout it… even more I hate people looking at the oscars at the ultimate prize… its not… our, aam junta’s recognition is…

    Still when i saw the pic of Rehman with the trophies today … It makes my heart swell !

    Yeah, Rehman’s done us proud

  2. Strange co-incidence-i saw this movie yesterday only and today i read about the oscars it bags.

    I liked the movie. No doubt when you look at it from a foreigner’s eyes, you do feel outraged at times. But as artists, we should be objective. we should know the difference only between good art and bad art(if there is any) and not the difference between the skin colors of the directors.
    Pinki definitely gets her due.

    Yeah, it definitely is Poverty Porn

  3. In all the uproars of anger and happiness for/against Slumdog, I never knew that Pinki was nominated.

    I am very glad though that both won the Oscars!

    There! See, I knew Pinki would be overshadowed!! That is why I put the poster on this blog post

  4. I’m glad Rehman won the Oscar though… πŸ˜€

    But., yea, just don’t get what the fuss is all about!

    Indians featured in Oscars, getting to walk the red carpet, I guess

  5. I’m glad you put Pinki right there! I agree SM is a lovely movie….pakka Bollywood style, it certainly wouldn’t have won an Oscar had it been made in Bollywood. I have to agree with Aamir Khan..I don’t believe in Award ceremonies too! But hey! Congrats , India, and congrats Rehman!

    And Danny Boyle you better share the bounty with the slumdogs, or we’ll hound you!!

    Yeah, let us begin the hounding

  6. I think it was Academy’s worst decision in many years. The movie is not worth it but am happy for Rasool and gang tho I think Rehman was average here. He has done great work in many other bollywood films. Three cheers for Pinky:)

    Hey but it got him the OKHSAR as they call it in Haryana

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