My Birthday Week

This has been the most eventful birthday I ever had!  Dammit I had to wait until I hit FIFTY to have so much fun.  Like it is said “The game ain’t done until you are dead and gone!”  I will have really make special efforts to top this one.  May be.  Knowing me, may be it will happen by itself.

Fun is one of those auto-combustion things.  You just stir stuff together or put them in close vicinity to each other …. BOOM! It happens.  Good food+alcohol+siblings=weekend of pure unadulterated happiness.

I have a cousin who lives in England – arrey vohi, apna vilayat!  He’s 26th Feb born.  We were together in February after the time when I was 15 and he was 17.  Since he was going back on 23rd, I called him and a few cousins over for a weekend together.  We simply had a blast!  Will post pictures separately, but it really was a pity that we had only Saturday and Sunday together.  You know Kid#1 and his wife had a party on their wedding anniversary, and they treated me like senior citizen!  It was like,” okay Mom eat your dinner by eleven and go to sleep.  Its late” Dammit people, I am not a doddering senile!  I can hold my booze, am toilet trained and mentally solvent.  I really will not embarass you!  Ah the arrogance of youth!  It was good to show ’em that us old people also know how to party!  So what if I am minus a few parts, my budday sibling is bald now, the elder ones snore in between drinks, gags and conversation.  When it comes to it, we know how to enjoy.

Monday had me sleepwalking through work!  Just as I was recovering, it was Wednesday.

Woke up on budday morning with a call from an old pal. “Abbey, why weren’t you born yesterday?”

Me : Kyun?

He : Then you would have been the Ambani Matriarch

Me : Looking at the time : 7 a.m.  Who the fuck says matriarch at 7 a.m I ask ya????? Kaise?

and snuggling into my quilt

He : Abbey she has two sons so do you, and she was born on 24th Feb

Me : Thanks for the budday wishes …….

He : Oh I forgot!  Happy Birthday

Me : Growl! Go away!  I’ll ring you back when I am fully awake!

He : Snigger Snigger

Why are all my friends insane?  Or is it something to do with me ?

At office, a lot of people wished me.  I even got flowers.  Its nice to be pampered heh!  But of course there are bitchy people.  Sometimes men are more bitchy than women

A creep came to wish me

Creep : Happy Birthday Madam, kitney saalon ke ho gayi ho?  Smirk Smirk

Me : Seventy …. and  to ensure that he heard it right I added Sattar!  Pher puchenga teh Assi!!!

For Gods sake!

I am old enough to eat, smoke, drive and drink!  What do you know, I can vote too!

Happy 50th to me   😀


27 thoughts on “My Birthday Week

  1. A very very Happy birthday to you. Heres to another 50 more fun years

    You are vibrant, jovial and wise. Anything but old.

    I am not so wise. My Kid#1 says I fluctuate between an 18 yr old bimbette to a 26 year old one. Havent reached the mental age of 50 as yet

  2. Now that we know u had a joyous bday, here’s wishing you more of it in the time to come.
    Belated Birthday wishes Sweet 50 🙂

    Yeah – I have stuck around on this planet for a long time eh?

  3. Oji, heppee budday. So glad you had a party-sharty, with pneer-shneer te whiskey-shiskey. Here’s to many, many great years to come!


    Quirky Indian

    Oji, yes, and it was a total Balle Balle party, butter chicken, pneer, daru teh dhol

  4. A Very Happy Birthday to you 🙂
    I have this joke about wearing a micro mini skirt on my 80th birthday, will come over and will even drink to celebrate 🙂

    Yeah, you wear a micro, I’ll go topless and we shall date a 20 something year old dude! Its a date!

  5. Happy Birthday Ritu!

    You keep making me want to be fifty soon 🙂

    Its nirvana! I get to decide what bothers me, the rest can go down the toilet. Simplifies life so well

  6. Happy 50th! Get drunk, pass out, snore n fart cause you’re 50 now!
    (btw when are you eligible for senior citijen discount? 😉 )

    Heck I am eligible for it as and when it suits me

  7. Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday dear Ritu..
    Happy Birthday to you..

    Happy 50th Birthday

    Keep Blogging!

    Blogging is my most favorite thing. I will. Thanks

  8. so a bday celebrated in true ritu style… happy birthday and wishing u atleast 50 more to come 🙂

    Yeah, it was – My next 50th should be in Space …. hmmmm I should book me a ticket on a space ship or a submarine

  9. Ah, 50 or not, you’re my gal… will party some day together Ritz. Meanwhile, drink life to the lees, yeah literally! Thanks for the wonderful blog comments…

    50 is fun Nabina – no illusions, no surprises, no expectations. Nirvana!

  10. A very happy budday Ritu! Cool blog, Cooler blogger and one of the coolest 50 yr olds 😀 that myth is turning out to be a fact — literally everyone i know is a Pisces! hehe lots of virtual hugs for you 🙂

    You must be a water sign or an aquarian……, most cancer, scorpio, pisces and aquarius congregate ……

  11. Heya Ritu!!

    Happy 50th!! My birthday was on the 22nd so I’m always gald to meet a fellow Piscean 😀 😀

    Hope you had a good one! 🙂

    I did. Lost my voice, aching all over – but Man What a Blast! 😀

  12. A well deserved treat for a wonderful woman that you are.I still have way to go to reach that coveted 50 slot but will surely make it the most rockin party of the town. You of course are invited :D.

    BTW sometimes reverse the number 05 and let go of your inner child. 😉

    Wish ya health joy and all that you wish for (wish carefully it may come true 🙂 )

    loads of love

    Vohi to problem hai, my inner child always comes to the fore!

  13. Hi Ritu,
    Wish you had a great birthday… sorry I am late in wishing you…
    What a co-incidence… even my mom celebrated her birthday on 26th Feb, her 50th birthday…
    26-Feb-1959 🙂

    Arrey Wah! Thats good to hear

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