Dressing in finery

Role reversal is wierd … in a nice heart warming way

DIL has decided that I badly need to dress up like a grown up and be lady like

She has also offered to take me shopping, not for herself, but FOR ME

Shocking!  She is willing to forgo her shopping for me!!!  I am amazed that she would sacrifice so much time for me – and even make the effort.

I am also thankful

Well!  I am quite bad at shopping for clothes

I was the bane of my mother’s existence.  She was the most elegantly turned out lady, wonder how she gave birth to the tomboy I was.

And now I have the most put together Fashionista in the form of my DIL.  DIL is girly girly

Before any shaadi in the house, she rounds me up with a “What are you wearing?” question.  Mind you this is a month before the event.  She of course has already decided her clothes, jewellery, accessories and even the clothes her hubby Kid#1 will wear.

Then she gets on Kid#2 and my case ……..

On my birthday she decided I would wear a saree.

I wore one

Since I tied it myself, it worked loose after 3 drinks and I ditched it for a housecoat.

She rolled her eyes, spoke gently “Mom aise kab tak chalega?”

Heck it worked for me for 50 years.

Now I have to get my act together and stop being such a brat

My Momma would have loved her


20 thoughts on “Dressing in finery

  1. Have a wonderful time shopping!

    I am also going to go shopping, I seem to have no decent clothes to wear (read, I am bored of everything I have). But, I have no one to take me shopping…maybe I should pester and pout in front of boyfriend 😉

    I am sure you have the loveliest pout, my dear

  2. What a sweet DIL. You’re damn lucky 🙂

    Yeah she is kinda cute and innocent … cant change a hippie who’s lived 50 whole years on the planet. Snigger Snigger

  3. You remind me of my MIL. She’s like that too. Rather, we’re like that as well 🙂

    Hahahahaha, she must have been a 70s flower child like me

  4. Heh – they do say Karma’s a B***h! Your mother *must* have muttered the usual “I hope you have kids” curse at you – I know mine did! 😀


    Yeah the Mommy Curse! Cant escape it

  5. LOL!! 😀
    You and your DIL are very lucky to have one another. Not everyone’s that blessed…

    So what did you go and buy?!

    Where are the saree pics? 😀

  6. Simple funda: Enter shop. Find size. Pick different colours. Pay. Walk out and into the book store. Spend rest of the day in books 😀

    what did you buy?

    Havent yet gone shopping! Hoping it dies down 😛

  7. great now pics please. kudos to the DIL (but off course at this stage i support the DIL’s even though i am YOUR fan)

    She is so idealistic, girlie and propah! I am so proud of her

  8. All sorts exist in this world eh !!

    all our life we would ask our mom to wear dresses and not jsut sarees but she would never oblige… but the DIL comes in our life and in 3 months we see Mom in a punjabi dress !!

    OMG! I wear just the same stuff I always did

  9. lol!

    I shudder at te thought of an MIL lik that ( as inif I ended up with an MIL like ur DIL who’d like to turn me in to a lady!)

    Don’t know if a DIL like that is any different 🙂

    I am a total brat and u shoulkd continue to be one!

    U rock!

    Thank you! We get our karmik matches, me luv! I live with mine

  10. On second thought thats a stupid question. where are the pics??

    HAHAHAHA, I take your earlier comment as a compliment. My horrible sibling has to mail me the pix. The *&^%, I’ll kill him when I see him next

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