I Love Maxine

image01414Maxine is soooo me …. or rather someone I am growing into – and am quite proud of the fact.  I love her – just because she liberated us women from being sweet old granma’s baking stuff or stirring extra almonds into the kheer for their self absorbed children or spoilt grandchildren.


Maxine is a woman of substance.  Think Dimple Kapadia in Luck by Chance as opposed to Durga Khote in countless movies.  Even think Kiron Kher in Hum Tum!  Aww shucks, I guess I recognise a kindred spirit when I see one.  I love that grey haired cantankerous woman with her acerbic wit.

I got a forward from a friend that told me that Maxine was created by a man!!!  Damn!  I want to marry him, or if he is unavailable, any one who thinks like him!  Anyone who understands women the way this guy does ….


Maxine was born in 1986.  Her creator was John Wagner, an artist working with Hallmark.  She was created for a smaller greeting card line called Shoebox Greetings.  Wagner says he was inspired by his mother, grandmother, spinster aunts.  At first Hallmark was concerned that she would not be accepted.  Heck!  Every one loved her.  She became an icon for older women.  She is nasty, moody, cantankerous and spunky.  She actually made it cool to be crabby.  in fact the nastier she is, the more one loves her.


Online you will find a daily dose of Maxine wit here

Maxine is my tribute for all women beyond a certain age, and others who will reach there some day ….




17 thoughts on “I Love Maxine

  1. There’s a Maxine in all of us…if only we had the gumption to admit it! 😛

    LOL I got the gumption! Maxine is someone I would be proud to grow into

  2. this was too good… 🙂 and i loved last one the most “women without a man is a genius”

    happy womens day

    Same to you Monika! She is awesome!

  3. ROFL! I lowe the last one! But I don’t think you’re that old yet! Or you secretly cover wispy white hair with a wig? 😉

    No … but my hair color comes out of a bottle – right now the roots are purple 😛

  4. Awesome!

    I have never ever seen her before! Now I am just sitting and looking up all over the web for her!

    Thanks for the new addiction after XKCD

    😀 Glad to be of service Aathira

  5. Hey rithu,
    There is an award waiting for you to be collected in my blog.. cheers!! please do come and collect

    Ladies, you are spoiling me. Thanks 😛

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