Vote please, its important

I have voted every single time I could … and I guess got cheated because there is no decent leadership in the country.

I voted for Mrs. G, and that was when I was young and a big fan of her personality.  She had charisma!  I did not know or care about the condition of this country …… so I got what I deserved!

I revolted and then voted for Janata Dal …. does any one even remember it?


Guess I got what I deserved!

Then since I was a huge fan of Mr. Vajpayee’s poetry, I voted for him.  Dammit poets dont make good politicians!  Some one kick me in the a%$# please!  A minority government and outside support cooked his verse (worse?)

Now what?

We badly need a messaiah!  No one wants to be one, though.  Humanity has a bad track record with messiahs.  We stone them, we hang them, we crucify them.

But to find a messiah and give him the keys to the office, we need to vote.

Here is a link to a person who wants to vote but cant

He never has

We can and should.  We have a working democracy and we should keep it ticking even if we vote for stupid reasons like Mrs. G’s ada and Mr. V’s poems.

11 thoughts on “Vote please, its important

  1. totally agree..we vote else we stop cribbing!!

    We should vote … and of course cribbing is a fundamental right! No one can take that away from us

  2. Agar aap sote rahenge toh desh kaise jagega!
    I’m gonna vote first, then go watch a movie (read get drunk)

    Watch a drunk movie too, I aim at watching Jackie Chan, love the movies 😛

  3. i have voted every single time but once and that time also I tired my level best I had just moved to blore abt 1 year ago had no permanent address and inspite of trying couldnt get myself included in the electoral list

    i have been telling hubby the same, he has never voted till now

    WE MUST VOTE…its our foremost duty if we demand any rights…

    Yeah, we must vote … and thereby earn our rights to demand service fm the elected leaders and crib, too

  4. My dear, you are not Ritu. You are the citizen of the political mess called India.
    We all got what we deserved because u and i and our parents are not different. Its time we changed our priorities otherwise we will again be cheated out of a decent government.
    Yes, I would vote.

    It is imperative

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