Inspired by the Jaat Ladies

We live in Delhi-NCR and it means that we are all MCPs and we love using expletives like “Teri Bhen Di” etc etc

It is a sad but true fact that women are just fluff (or so the Jaatland would like to believe)

Builders and the Government have bought huge amounts of land from the rural belt, so Jaatland is/was flush with money.  The men did what they felt was sensible ….

They bought buffalos, cars, shifted to towns ….. and then felt that they had done too much!  So they spent the rest on booze and brawled their days away.

But Jaatland is actually run by women

Women who have actually learnt English to get their children to do their homeworks

Women who care for those buffalos

Women who have been transplanted into urban mileu and who are quietly learning the “sehri” ways of dressing and living

Women who are selling the milk, cream, ….. and even learning how to stitch salwar kameezes so that they have work (which they hide from their men-folk)

Yesterday I saw a rural woman actually teaching another in pure haryanvi hindi how to drive a Scorpio

“Eb too peydal ney daab dey, khetan mein teractor na chalaya tenne?”

(Now press the pedal – havent you driven a tractor in the field?”

Wow!  I am impressed – wonder about safety on the roads though!


16 thoughts on “Inspired by the Jaat Ladies

  1. Ha Ha. Nice post!

    Liked what you wrote here, “..They bought buffalos, cars, shifted to towns ….. and then felt that they had done too much! So they spent the rest on booze and brawled their days away…

    The tractor pedal example was too good. And did she start driving? 🙂

    Keep Blogging!!

    I dont know, just watched the “lesson” while walking in the evening

  2. 🙂 I always get a warm kinda happy feeling when I see people trying to learn/do something new thought that “new” is taken for granted by so many people.

    This is that kind of happy feeling post.

    Yeah, kudos to those tough ladies!

  3. It may be ruled by them but certainly isn’t governed by them. I remember once a motorcyclist had been taking ‘pangas’ and the cops had sided with him. Disgusting it was…

    Learn Haryanavi, Advitiya …., since most of the cops come from Jaatland, it is imperative that u know the language to get out of trouble

  4. oooh… man.. tractors on delhi roads… worse imagine a Scorpio flying on the Safdarjang Fly over!

    Its a bird!!! Its a plane!!!! NO! Its ScorpioWoman!!!

  5. Ritu, nice one! Women everywhere rule, they are the real kingmakers although the society is yet to recognize that. Hugs!

    Society recognises the fact, but does not acknowledge it

  6. Gaawd, This is impressive, Girl.

    Oye why worry about road safety. At least these women wont be drunk-driving. They are going to be better drivers anyday.

    Yeah, road rage wont be the issue either

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