Poll Wars

Jai Ho Vesus Bhay Ho

Watch this video … it had me laughing! The irony is too much

Bhay Ho

And of course the witty cartoon here



12 thoughts on “Poll Wars

  1. oh god… this is what is the great indian tamasha… we will see more of it in the coming time and just imagine the people who think these ads will get them votes will run the country


    YUP, and its just the beginning

  2. is it the BJP campaign?
    btw,Advani daddu is pretending to be prim and proper.
    he thinks we have forgotten 1992.

    I studied the BJP manifesto …. building temples seems to be taking precedence over good governance! WTF

  3. Ewww! The video is horrid. And, more than that, it’s stupid. BJP’s entire campaign seems to be based on saying what the Congress did wrong, rather than on what they themselves will do right.

    The video is wannabe …. soooo wannabe! I dont trust BJP they have RSS and Shiv Sena as friends

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