Mothers Day Contest


IndusLadies has a wonderful competition announced for the upcoming mother’s day.  It gives us all mommies the opportunity to do what we love to do best, talk about our parenting experiences and also our babies.  What’s more, the winner gets a cash prize 

Are you aware of IndusLadies ? The site was founded with the objective of providing an authentic platform for Indian women (and well-meaning men) from around the world to discuss various things of interest to them. It is a moderated platform that provides a high level of interaction between Indians (I like to think of it as South East Asians), and all are welcome to participate in this blogging contest.
You might wonder what you get from participating.  Well, one person gets the prize of course.  All the others get an exposure to IL’s audience (last estimated at 400,000 unique visitors a month!) I think apart from Big B’s blog, no individual blog has that kind of traffic.
So …..
Fire away the computers, limber up, stretch them typing muscles, eat some brain food and come up with a wonderful blog post on parenting.  Post it on your blog and link it to  Then go to indusladies and post your link  here
The Prizes
The winner gets $200
The 2nd place gets $100
The 3rd place gets $50
And the top ten get cool t-shirts and caps from Indusladies.

The first 25 entries get cool letter holders from Indusladies, being one of the “jaldi 25” has its uses!

During the period from 6th April 2009 to 20th April 2009, contestants must post an entry on their blog, and on IndusLadies Entries should be not more than 1200 words, and can have captioned photos.  The entries can be mushy, emotional, tragic, corny, funny, slapstick.  The contest entry should have a link to IndusLadies
How do you win?
Simple!  IndusLadies is looking for traffic.  You submit your entry and then drive traffic to IndusLadies to vote for you.  People from all around the world can visit and vote.  The entry with the maximum votes will win. 

Entries must be posted by midnight 26th April 2009
Votes will be open from 27st April 2009 to 07th May 2009
Top ten blog posts will be announced on 8th May 2009 and then they are open for voting
Winners will be announced on 15th May 2009

Eligibility: To enter this contest you must be a blogger from South East Asia and a parent.

Links :

Indusladies on Twitter

Induslady on Facebook


12 thoughts on “Mothers Day Contest

  1. Thanks Ritu,
    Will surely participate in it.

    Forgot to add to my blog post : You gotta register there as member first and then add your entry

  2. All the best!!! since I don’t wqualify as a contestant Ill root for ya! 😛

    Heck, why so … you can have a parenting experience without being Mom

  3. My Name Is KID…..#1
    Well its mother’s day thingy how can I not say anything? Well everybody calls her Ritu on this site, I call her mom she has been my best friend, my parent and my drive for a better part of my life. Through her I got to know what life is and through good times and bad we have stuck together mostly because she has taken the blunt of the knife on to herself. She is impractical, adolescent, arrogant and absolutely compulsive but she is also the coolest mom I have ever seen. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM. We love you.

    Awww Love you too ‘Shaan! You are a wunnerful son. BTW Mother’s Day is 10th May!

    adolescent WTF???

  4. Now that’s a nice contest, though it looks like Indusladies is all set to increase their own blog traffic courtesy participants!! Might just give it a shot though. Thanks for sharing the info.

    And membership too – you gotta be a member to participate you see

  5. Ok I am back. thanks for this informative post …let’s see if I can churn out something worthy of posting there.. can we submit old posts?

    IHM why not, pick an old post, freshen it up, add the Mother’s Day pic, and link it to my blog post at Indusladies. Oh, before you do that, you have to become a member

  6. Happy Mother’s Day
    means more than flowers and gifts
    It means saying thank you
    It means I love you
    You are my mother, my friend
    Today is your day!

    ilove my mother she iz the best in the world and i laso wish alll the motherz in the wrorld

    That is sweet

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