Are you a parent who keeps pictures of their children in her wallet?

Do you have a wall in the bedroom full of photos of your kids in different stages of their lives?

Does the office table/wall paper of your computer have your kids’ photo?

I know mine has ….

I also have a recording of their infant voices that I play often while driving to work – much to their embarrassment! They are in their twenties now, so their embarrassment is totally justified.

Moreover, my unwary co-passengers can go bug eyed when they hear babble-speak without adequate warning!

Our children are joys, they are terrors, they are challenges … and they totally enrich our lives.

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5 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. Aww that’s something I do too…don’t have their baby babble in the car though I would love to… I was worrying you were going to say I was an over -involved mom,then I read you are too 🙂 SO then it’s fine?

    Absolutely insanely normal and fine

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  3. i hope i will be able to embarrass mine when mine reach their twenties.

    They are so idealistic and earnest in their twenties, anything would embarrass them

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