Shoes – Citizen Weaponry



Sales Meeting at a Footwear Manufacturing Plant in North India

Wholesaler 1 : Joota aisa ho ki upper alag na ho

G.M. Sales : But our shoes are durable, the upper is cemented to the sole with the most durable adhesive

Wholesaler 2 : Sir, Jootas now-a-days need to be very strong

Sales Executive : But of course our brand is strong, you have been selling our brand for many years.  We take care of quality

GM Sales : The adhesive is rightly sourced, A one quality, the sole is tested for water proof, sole can last on rough terrain

Both wholesalers look at each other resignedly

Wholesaler 1 : Sir you dont understand, we do not need strong soles.  We need you to make a new shoe line

GM Sales : Samjaho

Wholesaler 2 : Sir we can have a new shoe line, the shoe should be built to be aerodynamic, light, with a nice lift to it

Wholesaler 1 : Can you put in a computer chip with latest technology? Kitna cost karega?

GM Sales (Gulping down his cold drink, perplexed) : What is on your mind?

Wholesaler 1 : Sahib, novel idea hai, ekdum latest.  Bahut sale hoga

Gm Sales ( encouragingly) : We always want to listen to you.  You are our front liners, in tune with customer demands.  Company policy hai

Wholesaler 2 : Sir, shoes are no longer footwear to be walked upon.  Shoes have been upgraded to become a political statement.  We want a shoe that is light to throw

Wholesaler 1 : Aerodynamic

Wholesaler 2 : With computer chip like a homing missile – target nahin miss hona chahiye

Wholesaler 1 : The sole and upper should be tightly glued, if they break open target will be missed

Both together : Bahut bikri hoga Boss!  Costing kitna hoga? Humara commission kitna hoga? 

Wholesaler 1 : We want it fast – abhi election season hai na …  Sirr Obama said “We Can Do It!”: Humara Slogan hoga “We Can Throw It”

Ek Dum Hit Idea Hai Boss!


12 thoughts on “Shoes – Citizen Weaponry

  1. I have a new idea! There should be pencil heels for men too. Everyone can throw shoes and injury is guaranteed!

    Yeah sure, men can use pencil heels – after all it is “Use to Throw” with a “We can throw it” slogan

  2. LOL! I won’t be surprised if they start Use to Throw line for shoes 😉

    Got here from Blogadda – congratulations on the interview; that was a nice one! 🙂


    Thanks litterateuse, and welcome to my web

  3. And election season is the season to get away with murder… err shoe throwing 🙂
    We could also buy single, light weight shoes to use for SSC, Shoe Sending Campaign 🙂

    LOL SSC it is …..

  4. hahahhaha 😀 this was hilarious .. read another post on indiblogger and had a blast there too.
    awesome… Thanks for my daily dose of laughter

    Link de, mere ko

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