The mad world of childhood

This is inspired by the post Goofy stuff by Pal.  We were a bunch of hyper active, insanely imaginative kids.  School for us was tame ….. home was just base – you know to eat, visit the loo, change clothes.  Our life was spent in the garage+lawn/the roof/where ever there was scope for “interesting” activities.

  • We had many childish demands to make of parents.  We had a mango tree in our lawn.  My father would point at the tree and say “When that tree starts bearing rupee notes, you’ll get it.  One day we dug the entire darn tree … very very deep, in our quest for money.  The roots got seriously injured.  The poor tree – a horticulturist had to be called to cure it.  Oh we did find a stash of marbles underground … wonder who buried that!
  • We hated brinjals, and we had a huge crop growing.  So one fine night, we raided the kitchen garden, harvested the whole lot and threw it into the pond.  We woke up in the morning to find that the whole crop was floating in the pond.  Man!  The repurcussions were severe!  Really 😛
  • Mom and aunts went to the market one day and got lots of bottle gourd.  Every self respecting brat hates ridge gourd (Torai).  So we stole it and dug a deep hole in the ground and buried it.  The darn thing grew into hundreds of creepers!  We had so many torai to eat …. every darn summer! blech!
  • We had an uncle who was a Ben Hur fan, who regularly organized fights between us to “help us get over our sibling fights” and he was a hot favorite.  I mean, we were such chamchas – since he was refree and he got to decide who won a particular fight.  Once the younger lot (four of us including me) felt that he had treated us unfairly.  He used an alum stone as after shave.  The stone mysteriously got some salt on it.  Ouch!  That really must have hurt him when he applied it in the morning.

Shucks I could write a book about stuff we did in childhood …..


May be I will!


15 thoughts on “The mad world of childhood

  1. my word…. you were a brat from since then ???


    yes… those were the days… as i say so often !

    Yes I was …. and since old habits die hard, I still am

  2. Wow!! Had a lovely time reading this. Could just visualise the floating brinjals.. he he.. Write more, please!!

    Those brinjals like bad karma … simply floated to the top! Darn!!

  3. Gosh! Quite an adventurous childhood you had! Torai whole summer & that too in ample quantity…tch tch tch! I fully sympathize with u 😀

    Kanu, it was poetic justice – but my childhood self could not appreciate it 😛

  4. LOL! 😀
    so its a bachpan thing then? And here I was thinking that it all started later..

    can soo imagine brinjals floating…how much baingan bharta did ya have to eat?and torai ? 😀

    Tonnes of bharta, aloo baingan, baingan fry, baingan sambhar, torai in various forms, including torai soup. Dammit I need serious sympathy here 😛

  5. haha what fun post, loved the brinjals floating lol now we want more, dig deep! into your childhood i mean, not around mango trees 😛 😀

    Hmm, I think I should write a book …. seriously

  6. ROFL…. loved it… so this is something from the birth in u…

    we sisters used to throw the glass full of milk everyday down the wash basin and once it clogged and when the plumber was called,there was curdled milk coming out and the smell reached two houses away…

    needless to tell u what happened after that, I think u understand 😉

    OOOOH Yeah! I absolutely do! And did the parents have a fight about whose side of the family’s character/ nature you inherited??? Mine did – after scolding/spanking/tearing their hair in despair. Poor chaps

  7. bachpan was a great time right! 🙂 nice stories 🙂

    You know what, I used to take remote to the school and change channels expecting at my home people will be watching the TV and channels will change automatically. 🙂

    Hahahaha, the world through a kid’s eyes is so magical

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