It is a Mom's World

Yes it is! I am absolutely proud to belong to a country where a natural messy function like reproducing the species is deified and immortalized by movie dialogues like “Mere Paas Maa Hai” and a movie becomes a runaway hit because “Its all about loving your parents”. Yes sirs and madams, I am proud to be a Mom, not only to my boys and daugher in law, but also to the various friends they have brought home and also our three dogs ( I call ’em fur babies). I was barely out of my adolescence (my kids beg to differ here, they still think I am one Humph!) when I had my first baby. I have never regretted it. Mad Momma tagged me with the Around the World in 80 clicks tag and it got me wondering.  What do I love about motherhood?

I am going to cheat here.  I totally agree with Mad Momma.  Five reasons is way too insufficient.  Being a mother means that you are practical, have no nakhras and are definitely not namby pamby and too full of bullshit.  Kids, bless their irreverent messy souls, ensure that.  If I get too big-headed, mine would laugh their guts out and bring me down with a thud!  For that matter, so would Michelle Obama’s delightful daughters.  It is in their job profile, “Bring your parents down a peg or two, so what if he/she is President of USA or the Shah of Bahrain”

And of course you have a working relationship with snot, puke, dribble, spilled meals, poop and other things that would gross a non-parent out.

1. I love the fact that  I will always have these two wonderful boys to call my own, no one can take it away from me.  They are mine.  Thanks to them, I have this whole youthful family of friends, their’s, my daughter-in-law’s family to call my own. 

2.  I love the fact that I can never be alone.  I come home to this warm home.  Ring a doorbell and the dogs come running down.  When they were younger, the boys would pounce on me the moment I parked the car with

“Mommmmmm! Today abhi this happened and that happened! ”

“Mommmm dont listen to him, listen to me first!”

Now, they make the effort to surprise me with a wonderfully cooked dinner.

3. I love the way the role reversal has happened.  I once held on to the bicycle firmly while they pushed the paddle with their tiny slippered feet, and now they grumble about my lousy parking skills and park the car for me.  They are so confident and adept at it.

4. I love the way they can ring up my cellphone at 1 a.m. in the night and scold me for being up.  “Aap ko pata nahin hai, you got to go to work tommorow?  Go to sleep now or I’ll confiscate your lap top”.  Funny! Once upon a time, I had hidden their Play Station leads for the very same reason.

5. The best thing about motherhood is total satisfaction that you have done this most important job well.   I know there are folks that would disagree with me and tell me I spoiled them totally.  But the kids are healthy, clean, intelligent and responsible and have no major vices.  I look at them with love and pride.  Their wit stuns me, their laughter and intelligence floors me, I respect them for their sense of duty and responsiblity and their concern for me warms my heart up. 

And above all, I did not make them or give them birth  ……

They made me what I am …….


I am truly blessed to be their mother and enriched by becoming a Mom


17 thoughts on “It is a Mom's World

  1. Awww! Heartwarming. We moms are truly blessed. Right from when they are born, until they grow up. And its beautiful that you experience such wondeful mommyhood even after they are so grown up.I wish I will be you one day 🙂

    Yeah we moms are blessed. And what’s more : its a whole life-time’s blessing

  2. Olle!!!

    But going by that maybe it’ll be easier for me to mother my parents at this point, rather than have babies 😀

    What do you know, my brats must be having the same idea


  3. Awww… I remember how I used to hug momma after school… it was like those 5 seconds would just stay forever
    Lovely post 🙂

    Go hug her once more like that, she’d love it

  4. Awwwwww that is such a sweet post….

    They wanting u to sleep… well… Now i tell mom to sleep and not fill cross words or play solitaire !!! she gets lost….

    geee that is a really warm post… !! really !!

    I m going to momma tomorrow…. !! cant wait to get home for a vacation !!!! Meri Maa…. Mumma !!!

    I love that song 😀

  5. hilarious…I call my daughter, grandma

    Yeah, but dont laugh in front of them. They take their new found role of parenting the parents very seriously

  6. I seem to be missing a lot of your posts.. Sorry about that 😉 you know it takes all sorts to make the world .. you have such awesome kids and thanks to how you have brought them up, there is no doubt they are so full of warmth and affection.

    Loved your post and knowing you , I know how much they are pampered.. wish for a baby girl in your next life.. i am ready to be reborn 🙂 hugz

    Oye I wanted a baby girl this life, Godji refused to oblige

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