Godji and his sense of humor

If any one said a week ago that something could keep me away from “My Pressscious” , the love of my life, MY BLOG, I would have sneered and laughed evilly,  looked disbelievingly and said “Is that so?!”  Well Godji decided otherwise ….

1. 14th of the month Kid#1 and DIL left for a vacation

2. 19th of the month, our live in help disappeared.  I wish him every bad break in life, Ah well, I just pray

3. Kid#2 has exams so he needs to go to college

4. 20th of the month, my maid falls and breaks her foot .. wish it were her neck!

5. There are three dogs, 40 fishes and a huge house to clean, meals to be cooked, dishes and clothes to be done, and 


Yes, you guessed right 



Well Godji, yours truly is truly truly penintent, would be on her knees if they weren’t hurting as much as they are, would bend and touch your feet but the back refuses to oblige ……



Otherwise I have just one short sentence to speak, before I waste away in soap suds and brooms




14 thoughts on “Godji and his sense of humor

  1. Poor You! 😀


    I hope your livein help comes back soon and you get a new maid…

    It’s damn difficult manage without maid, I ya!
    and those %^%&&&^ ladies know it!

    You are so damn right! 😦

  2. n upar se ye dilli ki garmi..
    may god hear u super soon..

    I had really started thinking that you hv gotten inspired by super stars who say “I’ll do just one or two films in a year now onwards” now that u are one like them :p

    Super stars have maids, live-in help … staff and the whole enchilada! Me wanna be superstar!!!!

  3. While you have my sympathies, I couldn’t help laughing. Nice one. 🙂

    So it seems that Godji has two choices: either beam you up, or beam a maid down.

    Let me know which option he chooses!


    Quirky Indian

    Option? Nah Godji has only one option – maid and live in for the Phoenix House

  4. Went through a similar (but not as bad)situation last week 🙂
    I hope you find a new good, reliable, efficient help fast, and till then at least a good part time help.

    This does sound bad 😦

    It is, it is!

  5. I just moved in a month back to my own apartment and I know how difficult it is. I’m praying really hard. Don’t worry… you’ll find help soon!

    Wow! Heartiest congrats on own space! So totally awesome!

  6. Awwwwwwww… Take care and i am sure Godji will do what he (or she!) has to do! 🙂

    Godji is male. If Godji were female, chocolate would not be fattening, shopping would be aerobic exercise, men would get PMS and Menopause. Godji is male

  7. Poor you..hehehe

    I know how absence of maid can bring a working women’s house to standstill. May Godji bless you! 😛

    NOT standstill! I am in a maelstrom of dust, mess and chores 😦 I know I know, I am such a ham!

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