Crisis in the Phoenix House done in numbers

One  Uno Ek

Me … The lady of the house, currently the cook, maid, dog-sitter, freelance writer, blogger, office worker


Two, Dos, Do

Sons, one vacationing in land far away, another giving is first year mech engg exam, and spending most of his spare time trying to hide work from me, and trying to build the wierdest combo sandwiches to help me


Three, Tres, Teen

Our dogs, who keep bringing muddy paws into the house and generally adding to the work.  They actively discourage any maid from considering our home a “safe” career option


Four, Cuarto, Chaar

The days I have spent without maid and live in help


Five, Cinko, Paanch

The number of bosses I currently have.  One is Mogambo, and there are four agents I regularly write for.  All of them are currently baying for my blood!!!


Six, Seis, Chay

Deadlines that I have right now, out of which some I have requested extension on


Seven, Sieta, Saat

Days till Kid#1 comes home and takes the dogs off my hands


Eight, Ocho, Aath

The shape of my body when this crisis happened.  Now it is …….

what do you think?

Still Eight.  Get real, there are no miracles on earth!  Bones ache, fatigue is a fact, but fat cells are stubborn beings.


Nine, Nueve, Nine

The figure of some of the cine stars which makes me go sour enough to curdle milk.  Yeah I know, them babies are implants, and that butt is liposucted, but even so!


Ten, Diez, Dus

They could be Bahane or Kahaniyan as per the movies.  But actually they are thousand.  Yup, a live in help I interviewed today demanded 10K as salary!  Said he could do Chinese and continental food.  I had to refuse, so I asked him to make sushi, he could not do that, thank God, so rejected him on those grounds!




This is in response to Itchy’s tag, the number game!


14 thoughts on “Crisis in the Phoenix House done in numbers

  1. opps, i cant help but laugh.. looks like the “no maid phenomenon ” has over taken your life..

    It has, sigh! But luck is turning. I got a part time help at least!

  2. LOL! Good one. Didn’t realise it was a tag you were doing, until you mentioned it. Fantastic!! And is the 10k offer open to non-residents too? I could apply you know, out of virtual necessity 🙂

    Dammit I would take it. I am a good cook you know. I’d rather save that cash for 2 months and buy a dishwasher

  3. ROFL… ritu’s twist was nice

    but the maid running seem to have created a havoc in ur life, hope that gets over soon


    Thanks Monika, you would think I’d lose weight due to added work …. but no such luck

  4. hahahhahaa no one can do it better than you. creating laughter out of daily struggles of life. this sure is multitasking. enjoy …evil..changi tarah bhande manji samjhi na that’s me 😀

    Bhande maanjde hue meri life rull gayi, got washed away in Pril and Bartan Bar

  5. 10 k!
    I do not think many helps around the world would get that kind of money!

    Feel like starting a maid service, I pay them the going rate of 3.5 and pocket the rest

  6. lol…
    like always it was hilarious… no matter how bad ur days are passing… heheheh

    Yahaan apni haddiya bol gayin, aur aapko hansi aayi? (I am bone tired and you find it funny?) Actually I am insane … I find it funny too 😆

  7. nice way to do the tag… 🙂

    I hope your maid and live-in help issues are resolved.
    did you find someone good?

    Got a maid now, thank heavens! 50% crisis resolved

  8. Awww terrible, terrible situation, I went though half of this, because one help was away, and suddenly all the free time disappeared down the kitchen sink!!

    I can deeply empathize with you

  9. I take the sides with the DOGS 😛
    They seem to be having a better life ;nothing to worry about and for them you work for FREE ….LOL

    I am sure the help @10K is simply not true, despite the Chinese and the continental skills 🙂

    He did CP! I wouldnt pay that much to a cordon bleu chef either! If I need fancy food, I’ll eat out.

  10. oh my god ha ha ha — thanks for taking the tag. me too maidless for the last 4 days- ask that shoulder if anything good is going to come off it- except prolly i wud hav lost some miniscule weight

    Knowing “Shoulder” all you will get is a lecture on patience and some feel good platitudes!

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